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  1. Randall Wallace, screenwriter for Atlas Shrugged, is featured in the May/June issue of Script Magazine. I purchased a copy to read what his intentions are for the film and find out a little about him. He's clearly and altruistic Christian who claims he can put his core beliefs aside and tell the story from an Objectivists point of view, which gives me little hope. What I found, in the article, to be the most interesting is the fact that his son attends Duke University and he convinced Randall to attend a lecture on the abolition of Anti-Trust (We know who teaches there and gave that lecture). Also, Randall first read Atlas after making a deal with his son that he’d read Atlas if his son would read some C.S. Lewis. Link to Scriptmag website: http://www.scriptmag.com/magazine/issues/bi_mayjun07.php
  2. I find this to be a bit exciting: This was taken from The Digital Bits website: http://www.thedigitalbits.com/articles/bar...well090506.html Also appearing on the 7th will be the Gary Cooper: The Signature Collection, a six-disc set with new-to-DVD Sergeant York (two-disc Special Edition), The Fountainhead, Springfield Rifle, The Wreck of the Mary Deare, and Dallas. Sergeant York and The Fountainhead will be available separately. The Fountainhead (1949) will have a new featurette "The Making of The Fountainhead".
  3. Favorite Television Shows Currently: Justice League Unlimited: Well written plot filled episodes, iconic superhero characters using their powers to smash evil. Battlestar Galactica New Sci-Fi show: Humans on the brink of extinction by artificial intelligence they created. Each episode is plot driven. The humans have the lesser of technology and have to rely on their skill, courage, and most important brains. Some aspects of the show bother me a little (The President and Starbuck succumbing to fate and mysticism). C-SPAN'S Book TV: This depends on the author and subject.
  4. Here's a link to a production company that is putting out a documentary on DVD about George Bush and his faith. World Net Daily has an article about this and how it's to be distributed to churches. I still may vote for Bush for many of the reasons stated by Betsy and Dr. Hurd, but I'm sympathising more toward Peikoff's arguement about Bush's religiosity. http://www.grizzlyadams.tv/
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