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  1. Kevin Brown : Your argument is sound. I would add the false concepts of infinite existents such as "god". I like to simply say the definition of god as such is a false concept. Nowhere to go because god is everywhere, and therfore theres only one place and so no place. Nothing to know because god knows everything and therfore theres only one [itself]. Nothing to do because to do something there must first be something not done by itself. All these things go along with the whole "if there was only one color could you see anything." If theres only one thing theres nothing. The antidote to Plato
  2. Perhaps someone can explain to me how "charge" is "essential" to the "concept" of matter? Charge is essential to the concept of electrodynamics! However this is not the only problem I have with the topic , simply the reason I call it anti-conceptual . However Im still reviewing the subject in order ti properly integrate it.
  3. I suspect folks like Plasmatic just scour the web for any forum or mention of anything relating to Einstein, Dark Matter, or Anti Matter so they'll have an opportunity to spew thier psuedoscience. He only has 7 posts and all were in this thread and an Einstien one. Seems very troll like to me. Actually I just discovered the forum when i posted first , and thought it would be appreciated by fellow Objectivist. I see even amongst "reasonable" folks Ad hominem is popular. I hesitated to respond because of the disappointing childlike display of personal attacks , as well as the need to dig i
  4. Atlas51184 Posted 21 minutes ago I watched the whole video several weeks ago because "electric universe" kept showing up on this forum. The movie doesn't help your case. It claims that gravitational phenomena can be explained using electricity, but it never gets more specific than that. It is a bunch of vague claims backed up only by the claim that a flash before an impact with a comet is supposed to prove something. To say that the whole universe is connected by intergalactic electric circuits is so vague that it is completely meaningless. You may be unaware that the video is asso
  5. Hi Adrian Im sorry for the lazy responses before on certain issues. I asked you to cite an example on your assertion on plasma because you made a claim yourself without support. Hannes Alvfen is known as the father of PLasma Cosmology and MegnetoHydridynamics.When he won his nobel prize he himself cautioned as to his earlier work misleading scientist to refer to plasma as having "frozen in " magnetic fields apart from Electric currents. I am not the author of such theories , and your comments do not reflect this , as you are responding as if Greg is asking you what I think. If you have suppo
  6. I just wanted to add a few clarifications. Perhaps this quote from : http://livefromcern.web.cern.ch/livefromce...-history01.html may help to illuminate how I approached Antimatter in the same context as Dark matter and Black holes: "It was the beginning of the 20th century, an exciting time when the very foundations of physics were shaken by the appearance of two important new theories: relativity and quantum mechanics. In 1905 Albert Einstein unveiled his theory of Special Relativity, explaining the relationship between space and time, and between energy and mass in his famo
  7. Thanks for that Dragon. I am dismayed at this unreasonable ad-hominem. How do "anti" and "dark" and the confusion[alleged or not] equal one being a mystic? Non contextual ,maybe even arbitrary but Mystic??? Wow Ill get back to you soon Dragon.
  8. Indeed I was addressing two problems Dark matter and anti matter, I should have been more explicit. "Furthermore, scientists have made anti-matter in the labs and used it to try produce energy. The problem with that matter anti-matter reaction is that due to the high cost of artifically producing anti-matter makes it to expensive with current technology. With that method it costs the same amount to power a light bulb as it does to power a large city. But the important thing is that they could detect it. They wouldn't of been able to do the experiment if they couldn't detect it. It can't
  9. Hi Thales, would you consider that you are implicitly [at least] suggesting that "Reason" has a different function when applied to science. I say this because one does not require , an "euquipment" of some other kind of reason, when applying the proccess of differentiation,and intergration. The concept of non contradiction is a fundamental part of Objectivism ,as well as the Primqcy of existence. All one needs is to grasp the axioms ,to understand that the concepts professed by Gravity only cosmology and quantum physics are inherently ,unobjective ,arbitrary,and contradictory. Occam tells us
  10. Anti-matter is an anti conceptual abstraction,invented to justify ,the absence of the required matter to exert the amount of gravity,Enstiens fantasies required, In other words the equations are 95% lacking in their attempt to describe the world. This dark matter anti matter non sense,is a result of the strongest and most pervasive force,being absent from Newtons gravity only Celestial mechanics. Which Einstein was building on. Now 99.9 percent of matter in the universe is in the 4th state,Plasma. An electrified gas which has been used in the laboratory to demonstrate the very things you see
  11. Im amazed that any objectivist would consider Einsteins theory as science. Gravitational lensing is nonsense. engineers "bend light every day in the lab using Induced Electric Dipole Red shift. Einstein and Newton where missing the most powerful force in nature in their celestial mechanics. Electricity is 10 to the 39th power more powerful than gravity. Space is filled with Plasma ,which is ionized gas. When gas is ionized it virtually ignores gravity,[which is by no means constant]. The current state of physics is a result of reified mathematical abstractions,and the failure to dismiss arbit
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