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    Miami, Florida
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    Authors: Ayn Rand, Margaret Atwood, George Orwell, John Perkins.<br /><br />Movies: V for Vendetta, The Fountainhead, What Dreams May Come, Fur, Under the Same Moon<br /><br />Hobbies: Writing, Swimming, Running, Graphic Design<br /><br />Academic Interest: International Relations, Aerospace Engineering, Philosophy, Queer Theory, Neurology<br /><br />Two favorite classes of grade school: AP American History, AP Calculus.<br /><br />Social Activism: Putting an end to genocide, Immigration reform, Student rights, LGBT Rights.

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    I'm a student with a lifelong passion for human rights. This isn't because I feel some subliminal duty to sacrifice myself or others, but rather out of a profoundly selfish desire to make this world a little better for myself, and at some point I realized that to achieve that, it wouldn't be enough to just fulfill my needs, but to assure and protect the fundamental rights and liberties promised to us by our constitution. I am a strong believer that "injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere" and I am devoted to doing what I can to put an end to the exploitation of individuals who have a burning passion for this life. I was born in Colombia, but do not consider myself a Colombian. I am an American, despite the fact that the society I grew up in has never granted me that title. I am... an Undocumented Citizen, speaking out against injustice and undaunted by tyranny.
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    Miami Dade Honors College
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