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  1. I think the commonly-cited "moderation" guideline is just an empty suggestion - it doesn't actually prescribe any specific action. If I wanted to know approximately how much I should have of certain nutrients, calories, etc, "moderation" doesn't tell me anything. It's only after I experience a specific problem, such as a vitamin deficiency, that "moderation" can tell me to get more of that vitamin. "Moderation" doesn't even consider the possibility that the contents of the diet are a problem, just the various amounts. If I consume the standard American diet, I am likely to become obese and/or develop some form of heart disease or cancer. What does "moderation" have to suggest? For obesity, it only suggests consuming fewer calories, but the evidence clearly shows that simple calorie restriction - without changing the contents of the diet - does not result in long-term sustainable weight loss. So simple "moderation" fails.
  2. 1. What health reasons would force one to switch away from a low-carb diet? 2. Why are certain traditional hunter-gatherers such as the Inuit able to do fine on extremely low-carb diets? 3. What is this "normal diet"? Just one that has carbs? Carbs from what foods? Note: I don't prescribe to a low-carb diet myself.
  3. Welcome to the forum! I see you go to OSU. There are a couple Objectivist professors at that school, including one who is a moderator on this forum (though inactive lately): David Odden in linguistics, and John Opfer in cognition. A couple years ago the Ohio Objectivist Society was very active, however several of the members either moved out of state or got more involved in their careers, so we are not very active currently. There is supposed to be an Objectivist club at OSU, so I would recommend contacting them for more one-on-one discussion: Ohio State University Ohio State University Objectivist Club Club Leader: Adam Wanter E-mail: [email protected]
  4. I haven't looked at the site in years, but I talked to a coworker who has no problem with stealing movies/music, and he said they had an enormous amount of pirated material, that you could basically find anything you wanted on that site.
  5. Objectivist professor of IP law Adam Mosoff has written up his take on SOPA. Here is the final bit:
  6. It is efficient only if you are stuck in one position, and only require enough energy to sustain your individual existence, like a tree. Neither is the case for us.
  7. I only want to point out that this is a physics (and engineering) problem, not biology.
  8. How about a ketogenic diet? Here is a journal article discussing the potential effect of such a diet on people with PD: http://www.direct-ms...enic%20diet.pdf Summarized by someone else: "the theory is that replacing glucose with ketones (in this case, beta-hydroxybutyrate) can bypass the PD defect and slow progression by boosting mitochondrial function."
  9. Welcome to OO.net! Might I suggest checking out local Objectivist clubs in Michigan: MICHIGAN University of Michigan, Ann Arbor University of Michigan Objectivist Club Ann Arbor, MI Club Leader: Adam Gaglio E-mail: [email protected] Web: http://umso.org/ Central Michigan University CMU Objectivist Club Mount Pleasant, MI Club Leader: John Morris E-mail: [email protected]
  10. Oh well, it looks like theocracy has beaten both reason and fantasy. "Islamic Thoughts" has exploded rocketed shot risen into first place, thanks to hundreds of spamming users who have put as much thought into their tweet as they have into their acceptance of Islam.
  11. "Islamic Thoughts" briefly took 2nd place, but now Rand is back on top, barely.
  12. Rand is in danger of being overtaken by a twitter account called "Islamic Thoughts", which has skyrocketed in the rankings and is now closing in on 3rd. If you needed a better reason to vote or tell your friends, how about this?
  13. Rand is about to be overtaken by an author who called her statements "mindless idiocy". Please share on your Facebook or Twitter for others to tweet: "I nominate @AynRandBot for a Shorty Award in #author because Rand's ideas are desperately needed today." (or add their own rationale)
  14. Agree with above - the cover letter is no place for that, but you could easily word it in a way that a Rand fan or capitalist would recognize it. During the interview, you can whip out your folder with the Rearden Steel sticker on it.
  15. Thanks to Facebook posts on the Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged pages (my suggestion ), @AynRandBot is now firmly in 2nd place. I think the only way to beat JK Rowling would be to get the leaders of the various Objectivist clubs to send out messages to their members.
  16. Tied for 3rd! C'mon folks - now you have a reason to use that twitter account you signed up for and only posted "What is this thing?" to.
  17. Help The Ayn Rand Bot Win A “Shorty” Award The AynRandBot is currently in 5th place in the Author category, catching up on ... Hilary Duff. Tweet your vote here: http://shortyawards....category/author
  18. Yes. Have no want or consideration for the unearned.
  19. Which? I see none in your post - it reads like a movie review, rather than an argument of any kind.
  20. Prof. John David Lewis, the author of multiple books and a great speaker, has passed away. Here was his Boston Tea Party speech from 2009:
  21. That list is more directed toward professors in philosophy, and is not a complete list of Objectivist professors. Here are some others I'm aware of: Travis Norsen (physics, philosophy of science) David Odden (linguistics) John Opfer (conceptualization and cognition)
  22. You're missing the part where I said "show it" and JASKN suggested that you "should make clear all the details".
  23. Show it. It is one thing to give the veneer of consistent happiness and self-esteem, and yet another to actually experience it. There are plenty of people who appear outwardly happy as a result of blind faith, but who are self-destructing internally. I would rather say, "I'll believe it when I understand why it is true."
  24. "True" according to what philosophical standard? So you have implicitly accepted a philosophy as true in order to assert that no philosophy is definitely true.
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