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  1. for health you will eventually have to return to a normal diet.

    1. What health reasons would force one to switch away from a low-carb diet?

    2. Why are certain traditional hunter-gatherers such as the Inuit able to do fine on extremely low-carb diets?

    3. What is this "normal diet"? Just one that has carbs? Carbs from what foods?

    Note: I don't prescribe to a low-carb diet myself.

  2. Welcome to the forum! I see you go to OSU. There are a couple Objectivist professors at that school, including one who is a moderator on this forum (though inactive lately): David Odden in linguistics, and John Opfer in cognition.

    A couple years ago the Ohio Objectivist Society was very active, however several of the members either moved out of state or got more involved in their careers, so we are not very active currently. There is supposed to be an Objectivist club at OSU, so I would recommend contacting them for more one-on-one discussion:

    Ohio State University

    Ohio State University Objectivist Club

    Club Leader: Adam Wanter

    E-mail: [email protected]

  3. Objectivist professor of IP law Adam Mosoff has written up his take on SOPA. Here is the final bit:

    In conclusion, SOPA is a complex statute, and it raises tough questions about copyright, trademark, civil procedure, legal remedies (injunctions versus damages), criminal law, and statutory interpretation -- and that’s just a few of the legal issues. I had to ask a colleague of mine who specializes in copyright and civil procedure for some assistance in making sense of this statute, and I deal on a daily basis with statutes like the DMCA and other similar IP-related legal doctrines. This is in part why I’m ambivalent about SOPA: I think it needs to be better clarified, but the due process, "censorship," and the "break the internet" complaints are package-deals, at best, and vicious lies, at worst.
  4. why could'nt your main proponent practice them consistently?

    Show it.

    It's not "appeal to authority" it's simple common sense. It's saying "I'll believe it when I see it".

    It is one thing to give the veneer of consistent happiness and self-esteem, and yet another to actually experience it. There are plenty of people who appear outwardly happy as a result of blind faith, but who are self-destructing internally. I would rather say, "I'll believe it when I understand why it is true."

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