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  1. pl1985

    A Fetus Is Human

    If abortion is moral than so is killing young dependent family members if you decide they have become 'rights-restricters'. At the 'brain waves' stage of development at least. There there is consciousness, and it is human consciousness albeit an underdeveloped mode. Abortion is an act of non-retaliatory killing. You cannot morally sanction murder. The only room for moral judgment in and relevant to this debate is whether parents have a moral obligation to ensure the survival of their children. If they do, abortion is immoral and children cannot be considered 'rights-restricters'. If they don't
  2. It's sad to see that Objectivism apparently now has a 'political platform' that, like the two parties, skirts philosophy and thought by talking about 'the issues' and which ones all objectivists must support, without providing any rational basis or evidence of broad support in favor. Looks like more people modeling themselves stylistically off Rand's characters than living the philosophy. Someone said I can't be an objectivist and 'rationalize islamic terrorism'. I never tried to say it was moral. I tried to explain it. Then this guy gives an argument that unequivocally morally sanctions paren
  3. Aside from references to religion, I think the main reason Ron Paul doesn't get support from objectivists is because of his stance on foreign policy. Ron Paul is not a pacifist, and with all the talk of the christian just war theory he has also said that he would have no problem annihilating every inch of a country if they attacked us or showed an imminent threat. As far as response against the 'war on terror', he voted for our entrance into Afghanistan to attack terrorists and advocates Letters of Marque and Reprisal, which treat terrorism as a criminal activity and allow for US troops to ent
  4. I am voting for Ron Paul, but I have a few bones with his platform. First is the references to natural rights 'from the Creator', and that the USA was intended to be a 'robustly Christian nation.' The latter may or may not be true, but we should strive to eliminate religion from government while allowing the individual unrestricted religious freedom. [As much as I'm in line with Objectivism, I agree with Ron Paul on abortion, only because I believe it is a human being after conception. It has nothing at all to do with religion, it's my rational judgment of the situation. It is made of human
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