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  1. No offense, but that wallpaper doesn't appeal to me at all. Suffice to say I don't think people who see it will be less inclined to think of Objectivism as a cult of personality.
  2. That symbol is a bit too identical to the on/off button found on electronic appliances though.
  3. When it looks aesthetically good, it has a greater inspirational value to many people -- thus they're more likely to favorite it, re-watch it, and/or pass it along to friends. If the visuals didn't matter, no institutes would bother filming their spokespersons.
  4. The youth-wing of the Norwegian libertarian party (based on Objectivism) is using a light bulb with a dollar sign inside as it's logo – I think it's pretty clever.
  5. Two more videos have been released now: This spokesman is a bit more animated than the previous one, with a less monotone voice (though not as brilliantly pleasing to the eye). It's certainly better with the light blue background, than with the bright white one.
  6. Speaking of formal wear/tuxedos, the Black Tie Guide is butchering Barack Obama, who is appropriately placed in the Hollywood category. http://www.blacktieguide.com/Supplemental/Hollywood.htm
  7. There's a few more videos shot in the same type of format on the ARI website, and I have to say I the lighting is unflattering to Dr. Brook -- they should certainly adjust it. It makes his face look red compared to his neck, and the cleft between his eyes is highlighted. Look at Yaron Brook in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGWuNq66v_0, and then in -- he hardly seems like the same person. He looks excellent in the second one. I have to say the woman in the most recent video looks spectacular though -- very beautiful. A tad robotic, but beautiful.
  8. I'm very curious to see how they'll dress Hank Rearden and the other male industrialists in the upcoming Atlas Shrugged movie – I expect them all to be wearing hats, assuming it's set in the time period when Atlas Shrugged was written. Rearden is described as wearing one, in the scene where Galt talks about when he saw Rearden for the first time. In any case, this is probably the ideal style for anyone considering the fedora.
  9. This type of style? I think it looks pretty great, though hopefully you have the sense not to wear bright jeans with it. I prefer fedoras with a bit wider brim than this however. I love the clothing style in the tv-series "Mad Men", which is set in New York, in the 60's.
  10. I'm experiencing an increasing love for the fedora – it's the king of headwear, and can give you a very dignified and gentlemanly appearance. All respectable men used to wear hats such as fedoras, but suddenly, throughout the late 50's and 60's, it came to an end. Why do you think it happened – were Woodstock and the hippie generation perhaps responsible for this as well? Do you wear fedoras, have you worn them, and do you want to see them brought back to style? How do you tend to judge the men who do wear them?
  11. Good observation -- it's very appropriate. Just like those urban legends that you can hear to devil speaking in certain music if you play it in reverse, there can be urban legends that you might actually see American greatness in Obama videos if you play those in reverse.
  12. Harry Binswanger was asked a relevant question a while ago. Q: "At what point of knowledge of Objectivism should one describe themselves as Objectivist?" A: "Basically, it is up to the integrity of the individual to decide when he has a good enough grasp of the philosophy. A minimum, I would think, is two years after you begin reading the non-fiction. Having read and understood "The Virtue of Selfishness" and "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal" is certainly a prerequisite. For those who aren't there yet, or aren't sure, other locutions are possible, such as: "I agree with the Objectivists, who argue that . . ." What I'm concerned about is not the state of the speaker but getting into the public consciousness that there is such a body of thought."
  13. Suffice to say this is my current wallpaper: http://baxterking.com/wp-content/uploads/2...7x1fa4c1096.jpg If it wasn't for the massive pollution drifting there from mainland China, I would certainly be moving to Hong Kong. Instead, I have chosen Singapore.
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