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  • Birthday 11/10/1949

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    Austin, Texas
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    Astronomy. Numismatics. Sociology.
    The origins of knowldge, artifacts, and institutions.

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    United States
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    Michael E. Marotta
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    Professional author with over 300 magazine and newspaper publications. I am a former computer programmer. My hobbies include astronomy and numismatics. Bachelor of Science. summa cum laude, Criminology Administration. Master of Arts in Social Science. Areas of concentration: fraud and misconduct in scientific research.
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    "Basic Principles of Objectivism" (Cleveland, Ohio; 1966-1967). Continuous contact and involvement with Objectivist culture and community. Frequent contributor to Objectivist discussion boards and websites.
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    Eastern Michigan University
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    Senior Technical Writer

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About Me

From 22 November 2014 to 27 October 2019, I served as a petty officer in the Maritime Regiment of the Texas State Guard within the Texas Military Department. For 14 months, I was active fulltime as an operations specialist attached to the National Guard. My duties including teaching WebEOC operations for command and control during emergency response.

Since 2012, I have served as a judge at regional and state science fairs. My area of specialization is Behavioral and Social Science. 

 I enjoy public speaking. I have been a program presenter at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum where I developed and delivered demonstration experiments in kitchen chemistry, liquid nitrogen, "elephant toothpaste," black holes, and other topics. I have spoken at "Numismatic Theater" forums at ANA conventions on topics ranging from counterfeits and frauds, to the origins of money, and the coinage of Alexander the Great. Active in the computer security community, I have delivered presentations about the state and nature of private guard companies.  


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