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  1. All parties work on Platforms not Philosophies when organising support, how are Libertarians any different?
  2. To become bored, or rather uninterested in counterargument is not a good sign. Most academics do not write like Rand, I'd advise getting used to it.
  3. For me there are moments when I realize that the forces of the market, technology, and culture will make biological and psychological gender problematic as generally true lifelong concepts. Because I am wedded to my male identity I am not looking forward to this breakdown occurring. My life and the people I meat are strange enough as it is.
  4. AceNZ, I'm looking through your posts in this thread and you seem to be coming from a context, real or perceived, different than the one I operate in. You're taking what I see as a really polar approach accepting Rand's dichotomies of Reason/Mysticism and Egoism/Altruism not as a spectrum of positions but a spectrum of the population's psychology; that in your life people can largely say to be on one pole or the other. Is that the case? My own experience has been that even the most religious of persons will fall in some middle zone and, in their major life decisions like marriage, death etc, are still dealing with the same basic problems, in the same basic ways as the rest of us. Very, very few Christians smile in a funeral. Because of my own experience this talk of disowning others for irrationality boggles my mind. Where is it you're coming from?
  5. The world is not totally irrational, we don't live in the world of Atlas Shrugged. Most of the people out there are to some extent irrational but deal rationally in their day to day affairs. Reciprocate this. Educate and discuss ideas with those you can, and simply avoid those whose irrationality is truly a threat to you - I think you'll find their number surprisingly low.
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