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  1. Ooo - I will see what we can do about that over the weekend then. =)
  2. SherryTX

    More Like This?

    I love the music in Cowboy Bebop. Tank is a great opening song! The music through out the whole show is well done. Not sure if The Seatbelts do all of them, but very impressive stuff.
  3. I ADORE A-Ha! That is a great song - the video was quite a break through for its time as well. I would have to say - the closest to an Anthem for me would be: "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks. =) I also like "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds - but I am saving that for my funeral.
  4. SherryTX

    Phish Reunites

    Most Phish fans I know WERE fans of partaking in nature's drugs (that is to say, pot) back in the 80s and early 90s. However, they grew out of it, as I did years and years ago. Just like a lot of deadheads in the 70s grew out of the love ins, etc. and became productive in the 80s, etc.. etc... Phish is amazing because of where they let the music take them, if you will. Each song feels like a journey to me (at least when I used to listen to them), and that is why I enjoyed them. "Highway To Hell" is a really neat song to see a guy in a dress perform. I will never forget that show hahah.
  5. I love The Cure - saw them in concert twice back in my youth...ahhh those days. My favorite song is "Just like Heaven". I haven't bought any of their new stuff lately, though - as I get old, I tend to buy less cds. It is very sad. Anyway - thanks for posting - I will have to go out and get the cd this song is on. I do so love The Cure - but blame them for being partially responsible for creating emo. Yuck hahah.
  6. Hey all - a former coworker has a band, and is has a concert next Wednesday in Dallas. I wanted to post it here - should you be in the area and looking for something fun to do. The band is called "Cocky Americans". While my friend is not an Objectivist, Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rand have inspired him, and he is very pro-Capitalist, and told me a lot of the songs he has written have been inspired by her writings. He is someone I consider Objectivist friendly, if you will. He has Objectivist friends, and is very respectful of the philosophy, and before I left that job, was able to have some great conversations with him. But above all, what I have heard sounds good, so my husband and I are going. The band is opening up for Little Joy - a side project that the drummer from The Strokes has, so it is a big concert for my friend and his bandmates. I promised to spread the word - so if you are interested you can order tickets here: http://tickets.frontgatetickets.com/choose...4&eid=32094 It is an all ages show, by the way, so you don't have to be 21 to get in. Just thought I would share.
  7. If ONLY a Development Manager opsition would open up...sigh........
  8. My husband and I married a few years before either of us discovered Objectivism. 3 years after stumbling upon the philosophy - I can honestly say that if anything happened to him, if I decided to pursue another relationship, I would seek out a guy that if he wasn't an Objectivist, was atleast Objectivist friendly. I say IF because I cannot imagine another person could exist - Objectivist or otherwise- that I would have so much in common with! I think this is an interesting question. But I think it is possible to find someone that shares the same - or most of the same - values as you that may not necessarily be an Objectivist. There are a lot of people out there in the world that are reasonable and rational without ever picking up Ayn Rand's books. My husband was one. When he studied the philosophy, there were just a few things that he hadn't already come to the same conclusion on his own. Bottom line: whatever works for you. The local Objectivist group I attend, we have friends and family members/spouses that come that are not necessarily Objectivists, but they respect their counterpart enough to spend time with them there.
  9. I have become more along the lines like this as well, since studying Objectivism. I don't think it is necessarily unheathy if you are meeting your needs/values, etc. For me - I belong to a local Objectivist group, and I have made a lot of good friends there. I don't go to every event though if I am not particularly interested in it, and there is never any hard feelings because no one expects anyone to show up unless they want to. That was very like a breath of fresh air! There are other groups that I am involved with, mostly on a professional level. I actually organize a professional group, but it is only because I want to have a large network of people in my field for my own selfish purposes: career growth, having people that are in my field I can bounce ideas off, etc. In return, I will do the same for the people in my network. However, I don't hang out with people just to hang out either. What is the point? Life is too short! I must admit, I do sometimes feel like I am locked up way to much indoors (I work from home). So I will make a point sometimes to be around other people - just to make sure the outside world still exists, hahah. But for me, that means spending some time in a bookstore, or walking through the mall, or just taking my kids to the park. If you are getting what you need, and are comfortable with your current situation don't worry about it. However, keep in mind your long term goals as well. From a career perspective, it is at least a good idea to widen your network so that if you are job hunting you can call a few people that know you to help with referrals or to offer you advice when needed. They don't need to become your best buds though, and you don't have to pretend they are. There is nothing wrong with being goal oriented in seeking out relationships as you see fit.
  10. Hey - for those of you that made the trip up to Japan House in Plano - thanks for making the trip! I really love eating there, but since it is a bit pricey, I usually don't go as often as I would like. Last night was perfect - my favorite (so far) sushi place, surrounding by 13 good friends! Cannot ask for better than that! Hopefully we can do this again in the future - if anyone of you are in the DFW area and haven't joined NTOS' Meetup group yet, please do so you don't keep missing out on the fun! =) Since I am highly motivated to attract more Objectivists to the group - especially those that love sushi - I won't even make you look up the link: http://www.meetup.com/Objectivist-Society/ (David - I called your mom and she said you better finish your next plate of sushi or no dessert for you! )
  11. I wrote in "John Galt" for president, and then selected real candidates - the ones that were unopposed that I wasn't familiar with I skipped, and for many of the other local positions I voted for a libertarian candidate - because most of those, I know they are not for taxes, and for reigning government in, unless there was a candidate, such as Sam Johnson, that I was already really familiar with and liked how he voted against the bail out and tried to push an alternative plan.
  12. SherryTX

    Phish Reunites

    I WAS a deadhead when I went to go see Phish - way back when when they were still playing in small rooms at local colleges. Good times. The last show I saw was in Keene NH I think in 1990 - and they did this amazing cover of "Highway to Hell" it was awesome. They are really talented. However, by the time they were playing in big venues, I was kinda phished out. I have to say that the Dead definitely paved the way for Phish....think of all those deadheads that were confused as to what their purpose would be in life after Jerry took his final nap. Anyway - I don't think I could sit down and listen to a whole album by Phish today. I am too old. And too sober, hahah.
  13. These dang parties - why can't we have the party of Reason? Without the mysticism....would make it so much easier, don't you think?
  14. No - I never expected they would be Objectivist - but it appears there are definitely some things about them that someone influenced by Objectivism can appreciate. I am doing reading online on both - I am intrigued. I know there is an O'ist Activism group - but I haven't joined that, well, because I don't meet the requirement of being able to say I am a 100% full blooded Objectivist at this point in time. I like what they are doing; it will be interesting to see in the coming year how effective they are. But back to the other two groups - I guess what I am trying to find out is how they work locally and such - I can contact someone from the site, but was hoping I could get some perspective by peeps on the board too - so thanks for responding. Not sure what, if anything, I would do with these groups, but as I said, I am intrigued....
  15. Anyone familiar with these two organizations? I wasn't aware of either until last night, while I was bopping around the internet reading various articles and they were referenced. The links: Freedomworks (Dick Armey's group) http://freedomworks.org/ Americans for Prosperity - which appears to be a group founded by people that split with the above group http://americansforprosperity.com/ I am curious as to what your opinions are on either of these groups. They both appear to be somewhat bipartisan - and have similar goals - more freedom, less taxes, yadda, yadda, and have people working in various states around the country on local and national issues. Has anyone here been involved in either? What are you thoughts - the value of either of these groups? Thanks.
  16. I am suffering from severe user error - and apologize for creating a new post for this. There was a thread a few days ago where I stated that I felt that people always voting down one party ticket didn't make sense to me, and it bothered me when I heard Objectivists come out and say Vote Democrat! or Vote Republican! or not to vote at all if there was no really good candidates on the presidential ticket. Anyhoo - I posted that I didn't agree with Dr. Peikoff about voting down the line for Democrats, and even mentioned one time when I heard Andy Bernstein speak that he mentioned he wouldn't vote for Democrats. Someone (sorry I cannot remember which one of you) had responded to my post, which made me realize I needed to go back and reread what Peikoff wrote. I have gone back and reread what Dr. Peikoff wrote, and in what I wrote it made it look like what HE was saying was voting for democrats was some sort of intrisinic thing - and that of course, as you stated that isn't really correct, so I need to correct what I wrote. I should have written it clearer - because to me it came off that way, but clearly isn't the same thing. Even so, I didn't agree then (and I don't agree now) to just voting down the party ticket like that. I didn't think (to me) his reasons were good enough. But that is just my opinion, because I do think you still have to look at each candidate closely, whether at the city/county/state or federal level. And regarding what Andrew Berstein stated in the talk I was at - his comment(and I am NOT quoting verbatum - this is how I remembered it) was that even the religious loved the country more than the far left, so he basically had more faith that they would not run the country to the ground as fast as voting a straing democrat ticket. I cannot speak for him and say whether or not he looks at each candidate individually (I personally think he would). Sorry I didn't reply sooner - but again, I wanted to clarify what I wrote, because after reading posts after what I had written, I realized that what I wrote made it seem that I didn't really respect either Peikoff's or Bernstein's opinions - and that is not the case. I just didn't agree with their statements. So again - sorry for creating a new post - but being a bonehead, despite searching through my posts and the board I cannot find it.
  17. Yep - you got that right! Which is probably good for the boy.....
  18. I read Craig Biddle's article as well - but I will vote for McCain - even though he and Obama are wrong on most everything, I find the idea of universal health very, very bad, and so am voting against it by voting for McCain. I also think voting for McCain is a slower race to total socialism, as opposed to Obama. Once universal health care is implemented in this country - it will hard to go back. Just look at Social Security. I think what it boils down to is values. I value not having universal health care, and for myself, I find that not voting against Obama would go against my values. Even if McCain was also working hard to insist on universal healthcare, I cannot say for a certainity I would feel differently about this issue. Here is another thing - people keep talking about pushing for intellectual activism. I agree that the Objectivist Intellectuals at ARI, The Objective Standard and many others are doing so. However, how many people ignore their local elections? Doesn't it make sense to at least show up to vote on issues locally even if you don't pick McCain or Obama (or one of the 3rd party candidates)? When I read Biddle's article, it sounded like he wasn't going to bother to vote on anything. I think that is a mistake - why throw out the baby with the bath water? Also - regarding the comment "The "I'll always vote" notion is intrinsicist in nature, because there are contexts when it's pointless or unadvisable"; the same can be said for always voting only democratic or republican. I tire of reading articles from Objectivist thinkers that say "Vote Democrat!" or "Vote Republican!"; I would like to see more articles that talk about really looking at individual candidates. Edited to add: And a vote for McCain/Palin could mean 4 more years of Tina Fey making cameos on Palin on SNL. SNL needs reform as much as the US goverment.....
  19. I am in Texas now (have been for almost 5 years) but I grew up and lived in NH the rest of my life. When the FSP was announced several years ago, the then governor was like sure come on in! It made NH look good. Actually, NH is a good target for such a project, with no income tax, and no sales tax. Property taxes were (and are still high) but it is a great place to live. The one thing I always wondered was WHERE would these folks work? Sure, NH has industry and jobs - but a lot of folks just live in southern NH and work in Taxachussetts.... I often have wondered how that project was going. I tell you what though - when I heard about it the Free State Project - I thought - "ugh!" The reason is because I loved NH just fine, and really didn't want thousands of people coming in and trying to change things in the wrong direction.
  20. I think they are doing better with the website. I only became aware of them about 3 years ago - but the website they have now is better than it was then.
  21. Okay I did a quick search and didn't see it mentioned on the board (though, I could be suffering from user error). Did you watch the opening skit with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin? She got it dead on!!!! The first time I saw a picture of Palin after McCain announced he had selected her, my first thought was "YAY! Tina will come back on SNL more!!!" My number 1 reason to vote for McCain was to stop universal healthcare. My number 2 reason is now for 4 more years of Tina Fey!!! Vote McCain/Palin: SAVE SNL!!!!!! 4 more years of Tina!!!!
  22. Hmmm...my son is enlisting- he is almost there. Already took the ASVAB, his physical, and is now just waiting to go in and sit down with the recruiter go over the jobs/fields he would be qualified for to pick one. He is only 17, so I have to sign for him. I wasn't going to do it- but I just could not find any good reasons to tell him no - and believe me, I have tried! The kid's mind is made up. I have had this conversation with him regarding when you go in the military, you are basically signing your life over to them. I am not against the military per se, but the subject brought up in this thread I am concerned about with him. He wouldn't call himself an Objectivist (actually, even I just refer to myself as a student of Objectivist, since I have only been aware/studying it for a few years now), but I am happy to say that he thinks for himself (most of the time, haha) and does have what I would view as a good moral basis to lead his life. Of course - the threat of death terrifies me as well, but hey, he could get hit by a car walking home from school, so that is what I tell myself. To the original poster: I hope others will post to this thread, as I would also be interested to see more answers on this subject and share them with my son. By the way - for others that have children mulling over joining the military - after all these years they STILL do not have a pamphlet for the terrified parent. I know - I asked.
  23. HAHAhAH OH MY GAWD!!! Now that is too die for! Thanks for the laugh!
  24. Well worth the trip if people can make it. My fam and I have been going for almost 3 years now and it really has enriched our family's life quite a bit! I have had the opportunity to hear Andrew Berstein speak twice - as well as attended Craig Biddle's talk and John Ridpath. Well worth the time! As it grows, Todd, the Host with the most, has been adding different kind of activities, so even if someone cannot make it often to his home, you still can visit with other locals that are Objectivists, or at least O-friendly. I will neither confirm nor deny the grilling vs. burning of burgers. I opted for the hot dog last Saturday.
  25. Me neither! I would love to send my mom a Mother's Day card - but she has never celebrated it for religious reasons, so I don't out of respect for her. My 2 youngest usually make me breakfast (they started it on their own when they were 6 & 4 - it is the same every year, cold toast with 1/2 inch of butter, and a warm glass of milk or water. But I LOVE it because what it represents. And they come in singing Happy Mommy's Day!) My two older stepdaughters sometimes will make me a card - but often they focus on their mother, which is fine. My son - well, sometimes he makes me a card - sometimes not. I know he appreciates me because he does nice things for me now and then on his own (such as makes me hot chocolate with out asking etc.etc.). I don't think ANYONE should be obliged to celebrate Mother's or Father's Day if they don't value their parent. However, I also think that if they value their mom enough to bother getting a card, maybe think about showing that love year round with little things. A phone call maybe - I know I am bad about that. At the same time, I think it may be mean to use Mother's Day as a way to punish a mom - as in - "If they are not a b*tch this year I will get her a card" or "she ticked me off last week so no card for her!" It may sound silly, but I have actually heard of that happening. I think it is better to think about your relationship a little more longer term than, say the past few months. I am sure that is not the case with anyone here. Mother's Day, to me, is a nice way to give a child the opportunity to show he/she really values their mom. After all - kids have bdays, Christmas, etc..etc..they get stuff and extra attention through out the year in many families. I have found that my younger kids get just as excited over Mother or Father's day as they do their own bday. My two youngest both put together a pot and seeds and soil for me at school - and they are just so proud to have been able to give something to me. This is a chance for them to 1. express to me how they feel about me; and 2. put their expression in some kind of special artwork or other thing they have PRODUCED. They feel good - I feel good - it works out well. However, should I ever turn into a B^tch...I wouldn't expect them to keep doing this. Karma and all that. ANYHOO...I must say that I think KIDS should give their mothers presents on the child's birthday - as a way of thanking the mother for not smothering them at birth. =) I actually called my mom on my bday one year and said that. She laughed...good times.
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