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  1. Humor is my favorite part of communication. I cannot imagine life with out it. I have found several humurous things in Ayn Rand's writings. She just has a nice dry sense of humor. And yes - during the Phil Donahue show I watched, she was down right funny at times - serious when appropriate, but she had a very warm personality during the interview I viewed, and a great sense of humor. Actually - some of my best Objectivist friends are very witty - and have pretty dry humor. Humor is one of the greatest assets I think many people have to help get them through some very difficult situations. I have a hard time spending any amount of time with a person that lacks a sense of humor - whether they are Objectivists or not.
  2. Andrew Bernstein's lecture last night was great - and I had an even better time Saturday night. Also, what is very special to me anyway, was that Earl, an Objectivist that was a friend of Ayn Rand was able to make it Saturday night. It was a real joy to listen to him and Andy talk - especially where Earl has first hand experience with Ayn Rand. He is always great to listen to, but to hear both he and Andrew Bernstein together - wow - I don't even know what I can equate it to. For those that couldn't make - please consider coming down next time we have a speaker, or even just for our usual meetups. I have enjoyed all the speakers, but I have to say Bernstein is by far my favorite. All of the speakers have been willing to discuss questions - but what is special about Andrew Bernstein is how he is able to explain answers in a way that anyone - from a academic genius to just a layman can get what he is talking about. He is also extremely personable. I started finally reading his book "Capitalist Manifesto" last week - and it is wonderful. Todd - thanks again for setting this up!
  3. I attended Andrew Bernstein's talk when he was here last time - and he is a very good speaker, and was wonderful conversing with after his talk. My husband and I are attending both his talk and the social gathering. If you are in the Dallas area and can make it - it will be worth it!
  4. Hmmm...my sister started going to see a chiropractor a few years ago. She has scoliosis - within a few months she was actually closer to what her height is (her scoliosis improved by several degrees and she was actuall a few inches taller.) She felt much better, looked better and wasn't in pain anymoore. She wasn't being treated by any other doctor for her condition. The results are directly related to her treatment at the chiropractor. I do believe it worked for her. I have known several people that have gotten a great amount of relief. Many patients have xrays done before they start treatment, and then in the future after they have had treatment for a while. So that doens't prove it is effective? I think the problem is with the profession is that the treatment does not work for everyone. That is one of the reasons so many people think they are quacks. But that doesn't mean it doesn't work. It just doesn't work for everyone. I have been treated for a mild seizure disorder. The treatment my neurologist tried was a common one - and it didn't do much for me. That didn't mean he was a quack, just that my body was not responding to that particular treatment. Some don't respond well to chiropractic treatment - that doesn't mean it is a psuedo science. Here is another reason why I think the profession gets a bad rap: the treatment is usually more maintanence after a while. That's why people talk about going to get adjusted. Some times a persons body gets out of whack and needs some help getting back inline. So there are those that think because the doctor cannot cure them, well he must just be a quack. I look at it in the same way some people have to be on certain medications all the time to maintain their health. David - good for you though for helping your girlfriend - the massages are not the same thing as making chiropractic adjustments, but you are "adjusting" her are you not? I have another sister that is a massage therapist. She has regular clients to come to her once a month - and those massages help them physically feel better, and stay healthy. It's the same idea - except chiropractors are more likely to do serious damage if something goes wrong than a massage therapirst, hence why they need a LOT more schooling. Just my two cents. And sorry for the rambling -as you probably have observed when we see each other in person, I am not too coherent after 9PM hahah.
  5. I found it catchy - the video was silly, but it would be a great theme song for a kids vesion of sesame street. Heck, I may play it for my kids tomorrow and see what they think.
  6. I love his roommate - the 30 something year old college student that was sidetracked from his studies because he was trying to win the grand prize in that contest - was it a corn chip contest or something? One thing I remember seeing in the promos for the movie but I don't remember seeing in the movie itself was Val Kilmer sitting on a lawn chair. He had a bunch of balloons with helium tied to the chair and was floating around. Maybe I am confused with another movie. When they turned the dorm hallway into a luge track hahah that was great. And yes, turning that guy's house into the largest Jiffy Popper was priceless.
  7. I guess I am gay too - I loved the new Hairspray as much as the original. But I drawn the line at High School Musical. One of my daughters got it, and I sat through it thought I was going to die. It is kinda like Disney tried to do Grease but couldn't find anyone with talent. Horrible, horrible, horrible! That kid that played Troy (Effram whatshisface) did an outstanding job in Hairspray though. I have not seen Sweeney Todd, but I bought the CD from the new movie when it came out. I really like it - but I have never had the opportunity to see the musical (or any of the previous versions of the Sweeney Todd story), so I guess I don't really have anything to compare it with. I think Depp did a pretty good job singing for someone that isn't a professional singer (I believe he doesn't sing in that band he has - though I could be wrong.) My favorite musical would have to be Sound of Music - the movie.
  8. I enjoy The Office as well, both the American and English - though I have watched more of the American than English. I go through tv watching binges - well, actually I watched littel on the actual tv...most of the shows I watch are when they are online. I got rid of our tv service over a year ago, so if it isn't available on the internet or the bunny ears, we don't watch it. I started watching Lost last year online - and was able to watch the first 3 seasons online a few weeks before the new season started. That is the way to do it hahah. I like to wait and watch episodes within a few days of each other...though I couldn't help myself tonigth and have already watched last night's episode. Notes from the underbelly is stupid, but funny. I do like stupid funny. I love Ugly Betty - I enjoy the stupidity of the shallowness. I find it hilarious.
  9. I don't play a lot of video games, but one that I truly love is Mass Effect. Now that is a great game - a lot of different things to do within the game, and it is very story driven. The only other games I play now and then are 99 Nights (I guess you could call it anti-objectivist since there is socery, sacrifice, yadda yadda yadda...but I don't play games for philosophy) and sometimes I will play a sports game on the Wii. I am too old to be good at any video games, and too impatient for most of them. It either has to be quick gratification (ooo I just wiped out all the bad guys!) or have a very interesting plot that I can understand. My 6 year old occaisionally kicks my butt on the bowling game on the Wii. At one point, she started playing backwards, not even facing the tv and was still doing better than I was. Ohhh - the best game we play together as a family though is Rock Band. It is one of the few games my kids can play with out fighting after 10 minutes. The only thing, my kids have said I am banned from singing...or atleast not Missippi Queen anymore. I just like to play it because it is fun - this and Guitar Hero are the most expensive versions of air guitar hahah. My husband and a few of my kids are really into the side of the game where they can amass fortunes and fans, etc...and my daughters love to put different outfits together from the store. But me, I am a simpleton - I just care about the songs hahah. Edited because tonight I have typing turrets
  10. My husband and I attend a Lecture/Q&A at the University of North Texas Wednesday night where Ayaan Hiris Ali was the speaker. It was amazing! I have read Infidel and a good part of The Caged Virgin and several of her articles. A truly heroic woman! I am posting this here because we were made aware of it through the North Texas Objectivist Society Meetup that Old Toad runs. (We have been members for a couple of years now and have participated in a number of events.) This was sort of a field trip - many members of the group attended, and we met for dinner afterwards. For those in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that have not yet had a chance to attend, please look us up. Even if I had heard through another means that she was in town I would have still gone - but being able to attend with others from the Objectivist group and discussing it with them afterwards I think made it much more enjoyable.
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