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  1. "When the Day met the Night" by PANIC at the Disco followed by... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrezpUWIY98 Berlioz's Symphony Fantastic
  2. Nyronus


    While I have to agree with you, it is a beautiful spectacle, I have to point out that this show also grabs onto some of the fallacies of so called "Romantic" art, particularly a rejection of reason. Granted, when the show says reason, what it really means is "a pessimistic status quo." Unfortunately, many so called "romantics" feel that reason is such. If you can get past that, its a beautiful work that leaves you feeling empowered and uplifted and ready to take on the world. It has a great sense of kife and has a great view of humanity and the strength of the individual. I love it greatly, and do recommend it.
  3. JJJJ: to be short; Double Standards, the Best Kind of Empowerment. To be long; this kind of behavior is very exemplary of the kind of tribalism that runs rampant in America. It only effects really the very poor or the very elite. Most people are not so bad, but the bad ones are truly a sight to see. To my understanding, the not picked was a very skilled man so the controversy lies as to why a person who by all accounts is inferior. Also, the black coach was apparently married to a white woman, and that apparently does not sit well with people in Alabama. Most of this information though I got from my father who in all honesty knows far more about the going ons in sports than I do. So, it could be race was a factor, or it could just be that the people at Auburn are stupid. Either way Barkley sounds like a hypocrite, but then again, most race warriors tend to.
  4. Aunt or Grandmother, although love interest might not be the worst thing. Shit, I'd just like to be able to hang out with her regardless.
  5. I did not jump on him. I was simply pointing out that he OP stated, rather plainly, that he was leaving, and that the expressed points had been made before. This thread has been resurrected multiple times in the last month despite multiple admonishments that the discussion was dead. If I seemed to be attacking the poster, that was not my intent. The thread is dead though, and rehashing the same points serves no, well, point. I wasn't been malicious or any such thing, just pointing this out to the poster.
  6. You do realize that the original poster has publicly abandoned this forum for nearly a month now, right? Or that I and many others have gone over these self-same points? It is good that you tried, but try to actually read the entire thread first and check for dates on posts.
  7. To answer the topical question in a efficient manner: Many. To answer with less snark and more substance: My taste spans many genres. I am rather fond of melodies that can incite high emotion in me, often excitement being the favorite. Pumping rhythm mixed with soaring or spunky sound serve this purpose best. With classical music I am of a slightly different bent, preferring a towering and integrated sound. I am rather found of Beethoven and Mozart, Rachmanioff as well. I also rather like ROAR! The Cloverfield Overture written by Michael Giacchino. For non-classical pieces I often like exciting music. I am rather fond of techno, rock, progessive rock, power metal. I also have a healthy liking for the bouncy sound of pop, and a few pet rap artists. I also rather like Japanese rock and music. Their voices seem to meld rather well with the music overall. It may help that I can't understand a lick of it. With rock I rather like Bruce Springsteen, Ozzy Ozbourne, and Billy Joel. I am a fan of Daft Punk. Rush and Jethro Tull are fun progressive rock bands. I rather like Rhapsody of Fire, Sonata Atrica, and Dragonforce for my power metal fix. I also love ABBA, much to the annoyance of my classic rock-a-holic father. I can't help but be fond of a pop group who wrote a love song about Napoleon. For new bands I recommend PANIC at the Disco. Their first album shows great skill with sound and lyrics, but with rather sub-par themes. Their second album is much more benevolent in its theme and has an almost totally different composition. I also find I get a lot of pleasure from soundtracks to movies and particularly video games. The blood pumping sound of battle music from a good RPG really gets the juices flowing. Some movies and shows have a really well done score capable of expressing and stimulating many moods. Video games have often overlooked soundtracks of very high calibur. For those interested, I recommend Nobuo Uematsu's work on the Final Fantasy series along with the Chrono Trigger and Shadow of the Colossus soundtracks. Also: To the poster who mentioned King Crimson; Yes, I do like them. And to EC: The Crimson King was inspired by King Crimson. Stephen King does this sort of thing all the time.
  8. Nuts. I wish I had learned of the holiday in time. Oh well. You sir though, are an amazing man. You have, using your mind, pin-pointed, identified, and created a holiday centered around celebrating Man's mind in the best way we can, by rewarding him for his labor. What you have done here is a very noble thing, and I commend you wholeheartedly for it.
  9. When dealing with what may happen, I tend to break things down into three Ps. Possibility, Plausibility, Probability. Possibility - Can it happen? Plausibility - Could it happen? Probability - Will it happen? In other words, is an event physically possible at all, are the conditions realistically possible, and how likely is it to meet these conditions? Most intenerations of God do not pass the first hurdle, so there is very little point in dwelling upon attaching mathmatical value to the probability of an arbitrary concept.
  10. First: Learn your logical fallacies. You are conflating two very different uses of the term faith. When I am arguing about oranges, I can't arbitrarily jump between on definition (fruit) and the other (reflected light) in an attempt to prove I can nourish myself off of sunlight. Your saying confidence = belief without reality, when it is very much not so. You also throw non-sequiturs at us willy-nilly. Learn proper rhetoric and try again. Second: Read some Ayn Rand. You are arguing from a straw-man most likely handed to you by someone who does not like/understand Ayn Rand. Either that, or you didn't get it right on your first go through. Learn what your talking about, and try again. Third: Try not to make willy-nilly psycho-epistimelogical judgements about people you do not know. Especially if you aren't using the same language as them. This goes double if you don't know what your talking about on top of it. Stop telling us what we accept on faith and what we don't. You have no clue what your talking about. Learn to think, and try again.
  11. When I was younger I considered changing my last name. Mostly due to family issues which have since cleared up in recent years. Now though, it seems that my name is so much a part of who I am, my persona, that I wouldn't give it up. When people say "Michael Lenahan," they know exactly who I am. In the end, I have grown very attached to those five little syllables. I suggest before you go and change your name, consider instead making your current name your own. Instead of become Bun Scupper or what have you, make Ben Skipper into who you are.
  12. There is a difference between rationally deducing the facts of reality via the senses, and putting "faith" in a arbitrary concept. Look into it.
  13. And people with sickle-cell are resistant to malaria. It is still illogical to trade a possible (i.e. non-)existence of major pain for a certain existence of constant suffering.
  14. I just got done "reading" the responses to the Little Green Footballs post. By "reading" I mean staring at the first hundred or so malformed attempts at intelligence made by the site monkeys before realizing I was only a twelfth of the way in and gave up. Ow. I didn't think I was possible for so many people to miss the point at once. Ouch.
  15. That's wonderful... except that a person of the opposite sex is the last person a gay man would want to marry, and I'm sure many gay members of this forum would love to inform you about the joys of "civil unions." When people are burned at the stake again, I'll remind you this statement, but I give you that one form of irrationality is just as bad as the other. Problem is, some forms are far more motivated at the moments than the others. No one specific and everyone. It was a general summation of many statements. Your petty word games and snide insults do not impress me. Try again.
  16. No, you are right, it is not. If I were the the same situation I would also feel it would be a good point to note that I am fatally wounded and that comforting me is of less value to the both of us than finding the man who will bring justice to evil and right the order of the world, avenging me and bringing happiness to those I care about in the process, as opposed to a slow death via tyranny. Its just a big assumption that the directors had the same mindset when they shot the scene.
  17. I simply hope that this was unintentional and not a complete butchering of the Objectivism philosophy behind the story of the books, but it really doesn't seem to be. Other then this little line, I rather enjoyed episode 3. When Kahlan's sister said that the mission for the Seeker was "bigger than her" five minutes in, I had a bad feeling...
  18. Who watched the election special? That... was amazing.
  19. I hope Terry Goodkind didn't let Raimi turn his work into a kind of sword-and-sorcery version of The Lone Ranger . It seemed more to me to be a Sci-Fi Channel Original Programming that was meant to slightly resemble Goodkind's story. I thought that they way they dumped all of the information which was slowly revealed as time went on in the book in the first two episodes was kind of bad. I thought the casting and acting was just kind of... bleh. The special effects are also disappointing as far as this day and age is concerned. I wasn't expecting much from the previews, so I wasn't really disappointed, after a fashion. It lived up to almost all my expectations. Which, in this case, was not a good thing. The only part of the half that I watched that I liked was Zedd's introduction. Him standing naked on his rock and talking to his chicken was amusing in the extreme. Very Zedd. Unfortunately after that one bit of genuine Zedd-ness we are replaced with an angry old man who is nothing like the adorable old Zedd we all know and love. I don't think I'll be following this one.
  20. Well, that was something of a disappointment.
  21. They also don't consider things like ambition or desire on the part of the seller. Many business men have much larger goals that simply maximizing pocket capacity at any given moment. You can't make and market the best soda in the world, or fly the first plane into space, or make a computer which every man can afford, on the back of petty theft.
  22. I'd abstain from voting in a few months if I didn't swear to myself I'd vote. So far, it seems to come down to "what to I want less?" War and theocracy, or socialism and... yeah. Socialism. The problem is, is that I have grown more and more suspicious of Obama's promise to get us out of Iraq. I also don't trust McCain to not be cowed into some sort of idiot government clampdown if the economy gets any worse. So, it seems like my vote will be one of hard choices and bad surprises. I may get intot his more alter, but I have class.
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