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  1. Thanks everyone. Zoid especially that is exactly what I needed to hear(read).
  2. She is aware of Dad's issue but expected him just to forget it this once- she was wrong. My sis and Jon are quite close, not as close as she is to dad, but Jon has really helped her academically. She would like him to be there as a thank you but dad is dad. She's damned is she does and damned if she doesn't, I being philosophically minded was asked to help but I couldn't be entirely sure on a solution. The best I can come up with is that dad sees this as his daughters big day- not his, and on this one occasion cares more about her enjoyment.
  3. My lil' sis graduates from University in 3 weeks. For the ceremony there are two free tickets (ma' & pa') but any close family who want to watch the ceremony has to buy one. Problem: At my sister's request, mother's boyfriend Jon of five years, bought a ticket and will be there for the formal service. Dad has always strongly maintained that for personal reasons, he wants no contact with the boyfriend (they've never even met). Knowing how he feels about him dad considers it extremely inconsiderate for Jon to have accepted the invite at all. He is the father and has priority is his view and the big day will be very uncomfortable for all there as a result. So Dad will not to go at all now if Jon is there. Their differences are irreconcilable, there will be no sit-down chats about this. This scenario has to be dealt with "as-is". Who is in the right here and can anyone see a solution ? I think I'm too close to the situation emotionally to judge properly. Thanks
  4. So I'll just let my account become 'inactive'. I've had it with certain posts of mine being deleted now so I'm out of here. Nice meeting you all ! (you probably won't get to read this )
  5. A crooked house can have nice windows. I've always had this signature.
  6. http://www.skysports.com/football/world-cu...6030717,00.html Thoughts please..
  7. Agreed ! How the mighty have fallen, the only respite is that Hong Kong is like England of old. Everything is familiar to an English person there, even if you've never been. That's the place for me !
  8. How can you not remember he has red/orange hair ? It's symbolic!
  9. EH !!! Do some research friend... No man before or since acquired such mastery of current. He could literally play with lightning in his hands. The most objective and well known work on Tesla is actually called: 'lightning in his hand'. Observe his early education, it was ALL imagination building. No progressive-nonsense system slowing him down. His mother in an attempt to curb his boredom would say "Nikolai imagine a horse/building/fork and make it a different colour, turn it upside down and change it's shape". He had powerful training from childhood....accidentally!
  10. Not long now until I'm a lecturer myself! Obama's America is much less attractive than Ayn Rand's, but I'd consider a switch to USA. I'm actually trying to find out about how it differs, I always assumed they used the British model. I have been warned myself exactly as the previous poster worded it that you are paid to teach the subject, not your take on it. Stick in the muds....
  11. LOL at "investment". So you are giving a speech and in a word you want to convey the idea that a soldier's death is not sacrifice? Well the word to replace it is heroism. To say something is heroic and not sacrificial requires an explanation.
  12. Ah this is great, lots of friends from the board here (who do in fact make my wall look cool ), a couple of ARI professors and even Dr Brook ! Edit: Just noticed castle's post. Hopefully you see your error by now, if you haven't the key is in your own line: "When someone asks me to allow them to second hand attributes while posting quotes by Kant I reserve the right to respond to the request".
  13. This thread is listless friends, Mr abanger is on a mission. Training to failure is the best mass-inducing exercise protocol, and is used by top athletes worldwide, but is misunderstood as merely a piece of the overall training puzzle.... Yes, we use it Please feel free to pose specific questions to me.
  14. Hello chaps, His appeal to reason attracted me, as it must of all of you. In his final work he mentioned Rand's philosophy explicitly- this was my introduction to objectivism. I was 18 then, now I'm 24 and an exercise scientist at the university of Salford.
  15. The "people's state of England" ? You realise of course that's not it's actual name, so perhaps a look at the world economic freedom index ? Almost no difference to today's USA, so do we now call that a people's state ?
  16. Hi, I just joined facebook and I want some Objectivist friends on there so my page looks cool and cultured. Message me your name/ location and I'll add you Sean
  17. Seanjos

    Classical music

    From the AR Bookstore: "Essential developments towards musical romanticism" http://www.aynrandbookstore2.com/prodinfo.asp?number=MJ01M This will give you a fantastic perspective, understanding and will increase your appreciation of the great men. I'd be willing to sell to my friends here actually.
  18. ...I see, this is why we target the universities. It took intellectual honesty on your part to correct these errors (no matter how obvious they seem now) and for that- Kudos!
  19. Sorry for the repost but I don't know how to edit. Click pictures to make them big !! Chiaki Kuriyama (24) Japanese, Actress Tarantino mentioned Battle Royale as the best film made since he started directing, at only 16, she is a standout in it. He then chose her to be the schoolgirl in Kill Bill. Melina Kanakaredes (42) American, Actress Plays a detective in CSI: New York
  20. ok ok I'll bite. Here's my two ultimate fantasy women.... Looks and character, I don't want to get into it though.
  21. That quote means: death is not a concern. 1. I will not die --> ( this won't happen first) --> 2. The world will end (what I am a part of will) At first glance it implies that the I 'carries' on, but no, as it cannot exist apart from existence (what I am a part of) which has ended Aren't I clever.....
  22. Our best young politician has appeared on t.v in the states, arguing the danger of copying the British system of health care. "I would not wish it on anybody" he told them. After his appearance Gordon Brown used Hannan as an example of the "true face" of the conservatives, his party leader Cameron has distanced himself from the comments labelling them "eccentric". If America gets through this and returns health to the market, they will follow suit here. FIGHT !!!!!
  23. Indeed friends, lest not we forget the position of politics in the hierarchy of science. A mere branch of ethics...
  24. It was good for us, Yaron like all Objectivists you will see on tv was very cool. These morons all trying to get their piece in, think they will be better understood the louder they talk over each other. If you are an Objectivist scholar or professional the Graduate program at the OAC teaches you to communicate ideas and come across well in speaking on tv.
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