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  1. Richard, Please note that this is a forum to advertise your products. Welcome.
  2. I'm 23, living in a country where they think The Fountainhead was a comedy.
  3. http://strongbrains.com/science/math/default.htm
  4. *** Mod's note: Merged with an earlier topic. - sN *** I just read that if a person confesses to a murder and admits it was racially motivated the punishment is more severe.... In the act of murder what difference does motive make, whether it was pre-meditated or racially motivated? The end result is the victims death so of what concern is the mind of a killer ?
  5. No friend, they're certainly not the same woman.
  6. Lionel Ruby- Logic an Introduction
  7. http://news.uk.msn.com/Article.aspx?cp-documentid=10228957 Brilliant. 17.5% Tax on all purchases being the least annoying of the rules & restrictions businesses face in England every day and "unbridled" capitalism gets the blame Stick a fork in us... we're done My new username is START LOOKING FOR A JOB IN HK
  8. Ye, Bleach is the best thing I've ever seen on a television. It grabbed me like nothing else, the main character, the comedy, the music. I loved it before I knew Miss Rand's view of art, and for the same reasons as when I did learn it. Check out the end credit sequences they change them every couple of months, there's just a "feeling" they give off that I can't put my finger on. Ichigo: uncompromising, independent, determined and has orange hair hmmm......
  9. Agreed When I read Galt's Gulch this almost exact image came to mind: http://www.lastrefuge.co.uk/php/show-image...g.php?id=DW0192 I live about 50 miles from it, weird.....
  10. The solution to Acne, Eczema, blotches ect... She has already been criticised for it.. unbelievable http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=D-qNvogzE50
  11. Seanjos

    Slave Labor

    It would depend on how much more uncivilized. Savages don't have rights. Native American history is a good example of when it is just to conquer. As for enslaving them, why would you want to ?
  12. It's on the whole a disappointing sight to see an average man's idea of "chatting up". An awkward introduction, followed by mindless small talk with no aim. Luckily I'm young enough not to be stuck in that routine like everyone else. Even luckier I discovered The Fountainhead. After reading as much of Rand's writing on this topic as I could find and doing my own thinking the true way is clear. Through the way I go about meeting a woman i'm attracted to I get either outright criticism or looks of disbelief from others. Sometimes I get admiration. As for the woman in question, her amazed reaction alone after I show my direct interest, is worth a little earache from others. It' a hard way to go but the only way for us.... In social environments I see successful businessmen walk around swinging the keys to a Bentley in the hope someone notices and starts a conversation. Why are the people in the bio-chem labs who have IQ's in the 150's an embarrassment when meeting new people ? Why does someone who has neither money or a scientific career want it in order for people to like him? I wonder most of all about Objectivists. Are you Howard Roark in your mind and your actions ?
  13. Indeed, the only language Miss Rand did use on this topic is that homosexuality is disgusting and immoral. I'd have to agree.
  14. You speak of morality as seperate from existence. Prostitution is complete, absolute moral degredation for all parties. In a rational society it would barely exist.
  15. LOL !! That's not it Surely the lives of your children are in your own self-interest
  16. You are hung up purely on physical beauty? All you need is to get out there and find other beauties. It was another issue here that concerned me though. I have friends who know nothing about Objectivism or even have concepts like self-esteem & value explicitly defined; but to them, it's obvious, she'd be out of their mind & life in an instant. Easy. This lady now knows your the type of man who can be used but will stick around. She said to you "if I stick around i'll end up hating you", she is frustrated that you are letting her treat you like a dog. I wouldn't be so quick to call her a screw-up or a slut, more like unfortunate. Perhaps upon meeting she thought you were the dominant male she wanted (needed) and you turned out not to be ? How does Howard Roark act with his partner? If it's not on those lines your going against reality and will lose. Check out Love,Sex & Romance by Dr Peikoff. He covers all this.
  17. No that's not it, islamic extremists (including the non-terrorists) don't want cars or skyscrapers, they only want to take ours away. Have a listen to Dr Brook's Lecture. Talking to people here (UK), most don't care either way, and for the ones that do it seems to be only a case of dislike. As for reasons why, it seems to just come down to personalities. My sister is in 2nd year sociology, recently in class discussions she has raised points about free market economy. One student said Capitalism isn't really even a proper system though, it's just an idea. Her teacher on a different occasion said "I have noticed your views are becoming more and more something like capitalism" and in a joking manner continued with: "now we can't have that can we"? Having explained to her the concept of "evasion" some weeks earlier this was the first time she'd witnessed it and found it quite hilarious. These things are equated with the USA here. Ayn Rand was right these probem really do start in the classroom. At least she has me though, I feel sorry for the other kids.
  18. The explanations are getting clearer and clearer Rationalism is simply deducing consequences without looking at reality.
  19. Could you tell us more about this ? I'm nearly half way through my first year Japanese studies, and as I'm progressing i'm becoming more disillusioned with the culture.
  20. What is the distinction between "form" and "object"?
  21. Hi Anyone who has heard a Bach fugue will know of their structure being something like a mathematical equation. Learning about his life I found that he was taught Logic (as was everyone pre-enlightenment). I would like opinions as to whether as a musician just starting to learn strict composition if learning will of any value to me ? It's a very rare person these days versed in this subject, but if he's not here he's not anywhere. Thanks for you help
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6VrzGF6bG4...feature=related
  23. I wonder how many people here had the exact same paragraph run through their minds lol. Here's another if only: Imagine Bill Gates had any strength of character and came forward to defend himself for making so much money.
  24. Seanjos


    After this comment all opinions you have on music are henceforth REJECTED !!!!!! I love the Beatles, I've seen seen their childhood homes and been to the museum (Liverpool is 20 minutes away.) Personality also is a big part of their popularity too. Musically they were good, in fact the best rock n' roll ever but in pure music terms they are all light years behind the likes of J.S Bach or Chopin.
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