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  1. Some great and some surprising choices here. Not to mention some surprising omissions... The Thomas Crown Affair. My number 1. This just gets better and better each time. Other People's Money Pale rider Roman Holiday The African Queen The Caine Mutiny Shrek Antz
  2. I'm looking for a site that is unbiased with news presented in a readily accessible format. (Am I asking too much?) Clear descriptions and sorted in to categories.
  3. When the consequences of your actions are as serious as your examples Old Geeser, then sure, you must stop and re-evaluate eveything. I guess there is always a heirachy of importance in each and every incident and you would choose accordingly in each. For eg., during a heated conversation with a friend you might feel some kind of unidentified stress but the outcome of any inappropriate action can most likely be corrected. So continuing the conversation while relying more on reason will probably suffice. Betsy's reply brings me to my next question... Ayn Rand said that ideas that have been well intergrated will produce automatic emotions. How much do you rely on your emotions in this respect? This will lead to the questions: How well intergrated are you? How can you tell?
  4. Some excellent replies here. Thanks Old Geeser, Steven and Betsy. What signposts do you look for to check if this is the case? I like your 4 steps Betsy. This process obviously takes time. What do you do in the heat of the moment when an action is required but you don't understand your emotions? I'm not suggesting that you should act on your emotions, rather that in this case you obviously haven't intergrated everything.
  5. First question: are the source of your emotions black and white to you? Second: How do you go about tracing an emotion? For example... * Do you consciously follow a path back to the ideas that are their source? * Do you wait for that path to become obvious over time? * Or some other method?
  6. I am about to marry in a few weeks and I am interested in your ideas and advice for maintaining a marriage. This is not motivated from the fear of failure but from the desire to keep life as radiant as our first date and the time spent together since. Fundamentals are fine but I'm really interested in side issues like maintaining appearance, ie., physical beauty, arranging finances, overcoming arguments and keeping things fresh and exciting. Your thoughts please...
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