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  1. Here is a small bit of good news: U.S. Court Rules Against FCC We all know these clowns we have in charge right now don't care about things like the Constitution, Rights, or even the law, but at least there are still some speed bumps to block their way.
  2. Or you could do what I did, enlist in the military for four years and get out with the GI bill paying for your education. I'm still in for another three years but after that I can pretty much go to whatever college I want, since the Air Force will pay to move all my stuff after my enlistment is up. Either that or I could go career, which right now is very tempting... This is not to say that military service is something to be taken lightly. My thoughts during the first few days in Basic were essentially "What the hell did I get myself into?!?!" Not everybody changes their mind afterwards.
  3. In response to the original post, I have to say from the perspective of an Airman in the Air Force that DADT just seems stupid. When we are indoctrinated in Basic one of the first things we are taught are the Air Force's core values, one of which is Integrity First. DADT essentially throws integrity out the window. Now, while I do think gays should be allowed to serve, I do understand that it could cause some dilemas for certain situations that exist in military service. In particular with basic training, you have a communal situation where a bunch of men (or women) have to live in barracks, with communal showers. We do not place women and men together in the same barracks because of the problems that would cause, and frankly if I got to look at naked women every day Basic would have been a lot more pleasant than the angry sargents in smokey the bear hats would have liked. Some would argue that having a gay man in a male barracks would be like putting a straight male in the female barracks. However, I don't think this is as big of a problem as some would make it out to be. After all, we still have gays in the military serving secretly and they all went through Basic like the rest of us. If we do allow gays in the military I think the best advice would be to just not bring it up during Basic, since your main job is to learn to be a soldier, not to discuss social issues. As for showers, you get so little time to shower that you don't have much time to look at each other's dicks anyways. Frankly it is so much of a non-issue that one of the jokes that went around the barracks was the one about the trainee that keeps going into the shower room with a clipboard and a huge grin on his face in order to take "accountability."
  4. I live at Tyndall AFB, right next to Panama City. I set up a meetup group but right now I am the only member.
  5. Hey, I am just wondering if there is anyone out there who lives in the Florida panhandle who would be interested in joining a meetup group I started. I am starting to think I am the only one out there... Florida Panhandle Objectivists
  6. This just in, SpaceX has finally achieved its first successful launch! http://www.spacex.com/updates.php I knew they could do it.
  7. Just wanted to chime in. I had no idea how to use makefiles myself, until I read this nice manual and I was making simple makefiles in no time: GNU 'make' The cool thing about makefiles is that even if you only have a few files it still makes compiling easier. This is because all you have to do is type "make" while in the directory your sources and makefile are in and it will automatically execute the appropriate commands for you. This manual is also nice because it gives you enough info to get started right off the bat and leaves the complicated stuff for later. I hope this helps out.
  8. Sick stuff. People who do stuff like that ought to be skinned alive, heavily seasoned with salt, battered up and lowered into a tub of boiling oil feet first. Knowing how degenerate western civilization is, they will probably put him in some relatively comfortable jail cell with free medical service for the remaining few years of his useless life. One thing I cannot understand is, how in the hell was the mother of that poor daughter of his so ignorant of it all. Didn't she wonder why her husband disappeared for hours on end all the time? Didn't she ever even try and check on her daughter that her husband said ran off with some religious cult, or something? That mother had to have known something about it. After all, as the saying goes, "you cannot con an honest (wo)man." So what is worse, being capable of perpetrating such evils as that man was capable of, or being able to ignore it even when it is happening in your own basement?
  9. Florida Senator wants to ban fake testicles... I have seen these things myself hanging from the rear end of pickup trucks, and apparently some asshats over in Florida want to ban these for being "obscene." The only thing that is obscene is the fact that idiots like them get to wield political power at all.
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