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  1. I have had it with Libertarians, and I would never vote Democrat, so that leaves only the Republican party. At this point I consider my options to be either: #1) Vote Republican or #2) Don't vote at all
  2. Let me see if I understand what your saying. Basicaly, it's an error to claim that Benevolence is a major virtue, equal in importance to Justice, because Benevolence is just an specific application of Justice. Is this correct?
  3. Even if you find his work boring, do you agree with Kelley's line of reasoning in Unrugged Individualism that benevolence (not always and toward everyone but as a general rule) is in one's own self-interest? I thought it made sense.
  4. Your right that A Life of One's Own reads mostly like a libertarian book. Kelley does however directly quote Rand in one section of the book and talks about how the welfare state is rooted in altruism. I can look up the page numbers if you'd like.
  5. Do you agree that the two key things an Objectivist takeover of the Republican Party would accomplish are: #1) To provide a rational and secular moral basis for the defense of capitalism #2) To reverse the party's stand on social issues such as abortion
  6. QUOTE (Elizabeth @ May 25 2004, 07:46 AM) Bush?
  7. What has been most disapointing to me about the FSP is the fact that so many of its members are total lunatics. Just read their message board. It's very saddening... So who would you vote for? I won't vote for Libertarians anymore, not after realizing that the majority are lunatics. I would NEVER vote for a Democrat. The Green Party is on the lowest rung of hell as far as I'm concerned. That leaves only Republicans. The problem is, most Republicans are, as you said, mystics for capitalism.
  8. Betsy, you said that Kelley's Evidence of The Senses was full of too much philosophical jargon. What do you think of his book Unrugged Individualism? What about A Life of One's Own?
  9. If this cartoon is a "direct caricature of Kerry" then why did it come out, as AshRyan said, two years ago?
  10. I am going to ask him what his reasons for opposing such a war would be.
  11. I also enjoy works by William Godward and Lord Leighton. BTW, where exactly do you live? I have known of that painting for 2 years and never knew what city it was.
  12. I posted this cartoon in the Free State Project forum: Observe the reaction of the Libertarians: American Haters I am a member of the FSP but more and more I am considering dropping out.
  13. In a rational culture, you would be allowed to beat these people and throw them out onto the pavement.
  14. These are two of my favorites from the ART 21 site. Betsy, Thank you. I think I've actually been to most of those sites already in my constant searches of the web for good art. But I did find a few gems I must have overlooked since the last time I went to these sites.
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