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  1. Hello and welcome. We were all young once.
  2. Of course he sided with the "Palestinians," the Liberation Theology church he attended for 20 years taught a pro-Palestinian view.
  3. The funny part is that there is no pre-Tribulation rapture in the New Testament.
  4. Complete asshattery. Why do people keep electing idiots?
  5. I give full credit to SEAL Team 6 and the CIA.
  6. What on earth is your problem with my statement, if you agree with it?
  7. Which makes it subjective and irrational.
  8. According to Islamic doctrine, the later Suras in the Quran abrogate the earlier, peaceful ones. This has been established from early in Islam's history.
  9. Good article in the Mail Online, lots of nice shot of people celebrating. That being said, the comments by the Brits after the article are telling. Apparently, we are displaying boorishness by our joy at the death of this monster. Of course, they would never stoop to such public displays of emotion. And, of course, we have only made things worse. WTF happened to the Brits? Did socialism and PC remove their spines? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1382652/Osama-Bin-Laden-killed-America-celebrates-death-Al-Qaeda-leader.html
  10. That's the way these cowards are. They send others to their death and hide behind women and children.
  11. Glass half empty? Cheer up, this is an important psychological victory.
  12. I'm sure he is going to passively sit there and let you toss him out too. No, you can't commit murder because your sensibilities were damaged somehow.
  13. Just pointing out that he was using it to attempt to make my example, and my point, ridiculous, which it was not.
  14. Ethnically challenged? Really? Could you have possibly come up with a more PC code-word? Your equating my realistic assessment of the need for preparedness with outlandish scenarios involving cometary strikes and WWIII are a bit outlandish, don't you think? Reductio Ad Absurdum, anyone? Look, there are groups out there who will see your very existence as a treat, real or perceived. The fact that you are a "city-state" will not protect you. People can infiltrate by lying - Muslims practicing Taqiya, for instance (the Islamic doctrine of lying to the infidel to further the cause of Islam). Things such as this must be taken into consideration. I make my living in the area of security, and have a military background. Your plan sounds good on paper, in an ideal world, but I can see that it would be a security and logistical nightmare. You would have to be able to procure massive funding to get it off the ground, and setting up in a wilderness area, barren of natural resources, would require the logistical capability of the US Military to accomplish, or a large multi-national like Haliburton. Again, you do what you want, I wish you good luck, I just hope you get the advice and experience of professionals in all areas that will be critical to the safety and security of the participants.
  15. Rhodesia was fighting a communist guerrilla insurgy. Your implication that I am somehow a racist is ridiculous. I made no mention of race, but commented on the impossibility, from a military standpoint, of your ability to defend yourself from invasion and destruction, using the example of a well trained military force in the region that failed. You have to plan and prepare for the worst case scenario. You are operating on the idea that everything will simply fall into place because you have good intentions. The old saying is that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. You do what you want, it's your choice, your funeral.
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