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  1. I heard him say something along the lines of, "It's not about whether government is too big or too small. It's about whether it works." So... it doesn't matter whether it's wrong or right, but whether it gets the job done. How exactly does he define what "works" anyway? There's not a single government program (bar the necessary ones) that work NEARLY as well as a free-market alternative would. Do you think that means he's going to scrap all of them? Not a prayer. Governments make every excuse in the book for keeping disfunctional programs active. Even if they're costing the US tax payer an exponential amount more than a market alternative would, so long as some poor (undeserving) folks are getting help, they'll have an excuse keep them going.
  2. Apologies. I meant to write 'poem'. Word has it, shortly afterwards, Shakespeare himself was seen delivering a slap to that woman's face.
  3. Why has no one mentioned that which took place after Obama's speech? I refer to the World's WORST Poem Ever Written (and Delivered): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32swTzWtYj
  4. Grant

    Animal rights

    [Mod's note: merged with a previous thread. - sN] Hey guys A friend of mine has approached me with a slight conundrum he's been having and I now too am having. We both acknowledge that animals have no rights. That said, if we saw an individual senselessly torturing their dog/cat/whatever in the street, we (and many others I assume) would feel the need to use force to get the owner to stop, assuming a verbal threat was of no use. In doing this, we have obviously infringed upon the rights of a human being who has infringed upon no ones rights and consequently we are now liable for criminal charges. At the same time, I struggle to understand how any human being can stand by and watch an act of this nature take place. Would appreciate any reasonable thoughts on the matter. Thanks.
  5. http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&am...41350163C237990 The New Golden Rule: Whatever the Pope sayeth, doeth otherwise.
  6. Hah...I was thinking exactly the same thing at the time.
  7. The script was rushed to meet Writer's Strike deadline.
  8. 'Objectivistic'? Oh, and those images suck. Edit: Wow. Just read that thread. Proof right there as to why individuals like Kelley (etc.) who claim Objectivism is an open system, are evil. You end up with faith-junkies like Johnfloyd declaring they're advocates of Objectivism, the philosophy of Reason.
  9. Ok, I was just wondering whether there's a good chance that I'll walk out of the movie feeling sick After hearing that Moore is an Anarchist and that Rorschach was based upon an Objectivist character, I figured there may have been a good chance of that.
  10. I don't know much about the comic, but where does the story stand politically?
  11. New Watchmen trailer out: http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/watchmen.html All I have to say is...Holy Shit.
  12. The world has gone mad. Front cover of one of our popular magazines here in South Africa says "OBAMA NATION: WORLD HAILS NEW MANDELA". Front cover of the Mail & Guardian features a caricature of Obama dressed in a Superman suit. He hasn't even done anything yet?! People have completely lost the plot.
  13. Well, Carter was president during this interview, so it would have been somewhere between '77 and '01.
  14. Well, the full Tom Snyder interview with Ayn has finally made it to Youtube: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=4ā€‹doTzCs9l...feature=related Enjoy
  15. Grant

    Duffy Sheridan

    This guy has just blown my mind. He has a lot of work I'm not crazy about, but those that I do like...WOW. In particular: http://www.duffysheridan.com/waterworks/RiteOfSummer-lg.jpg http://www.duffysheridan.com/waterworks/OnAClearDay-lg.jpg (wish her face was slightly more relaxed/peaceful to compliment the scene) http://duffysheridan.com/waterworks/Sisters.jpg http://duffysheridan.com/waterworks/SunDay.jpg
  16. Excellent episode indeed. Randy's awesome.
  17. Funny...but true: And Moore posted that himself on youtube.
  18. 'Pinch Me' ... A message from Michael Moore. My favourite part: "In a nation that was founded on genocide and then built on the backs of slaves, it was an unexpected moment, shocking in its simplicity: Barack Obama..." ...If you ever needed proof that Michael Moore really hates America (which I'm sure you didn't).
  19. JAS, if you want to keep this from getting heated, add a little note to the bottom of your post asking people to refrain from commenting on the votes/reasons of others. Just tell us who you voted for, and why. That's all.
  20. Paul Krugman won a Nobel Prize? Wow, just goes to show how little those things actually mean.
  21. Thing is, he claims to be heavilly influenced by Rand (as is evident by his myspace and his wikipedia page). So while he may be pretty far from a real Objectivist, I don't think he has specifically changed his views to fit in with the Libertarian Party. I do believe his views are his own.
  22. Firstly, I'm not saying that you'll bring about change by abstaining, but I don't think it makes sense to willfully participate in an election where the only 2 options you're given are equally horrid. On a far lesser scale, it's like choosing between Stalin and Pol Pot. How the hell do you do it? At what stage do you say "Screw this. These people aren't worthy of my vote."? And if for instance, 1,000,000 people chose to abstain, I'm pretty sure the candidates would take that into account. After all, they're looking for as many votes as possible. In Canada, it's far easier to pick your candidate, because as much as there's no great choices there either, there's an obvious lesser evil as far as I can tell (Conservatives over all the liberal parties). This US election is not the same. There's no clear-cut lesser evil. Both have the potential to be just as horrendous. I can't see a good reason for picking one over the other. It's a pure gamble either way.
  23. But, if you do vote for one, you give sanction to a system that offers you 2 attrocious choices. At least if more people abstain, they can see that what they're offering is not what people want. I believe that a candidate should have to earn their votes. I don't think Obama or McCain have earned theirs in the slightest. I like what Peikoff had to say about the candidates in his most recent podcast. Pretty much summed it up.
  24. Yeh, no way the ol' hag can keep the ball. But, I'm guessing she has the right to call the cops who'll end up issuing the 'tresspassers' a warning (or a fine).
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0PU70gumck Oh...I get it. It's not Socialism. It's 'opportunity'...
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