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  1. I have the audio of all three appearances, including Florence Henderson's rendition of The Impossible Dream which just preceeded Ayn's first appearance. She made a fascinating comment about the song. The interviews are arresting! I am deliberating over what to do with the recordings which I have digitized. Comments welcome.

    Youtube please?

  2. Would you say it's necessary to see the first movie before the sequel?

    I would say you've got 4 days before the movies comes out. Go rent the first one.

    I think having seen the first one helps a lot. You get to know the characters etc.

  3. Did the canadian goverment forbid private healthcare?

    I love when people invoke the "Do they deserve to die?" argument. It is utterly moronic. Who said anything about people deserving to die?

    Nobody deserves to die, unless they're murders or they've somehow otherwise invited their own death upon themselves.

    The real question is: Does an individual with poor health deserve to steal from me?

  4. Maybe in the US that is true. But he was and still is very much responsible for Anti-American sentiment and his view is treated with full legitimacy in the UK.

    Yeh, same here in South Africa. Many people I know (who haven't yet formed strong intellectual opinions) will eat Moore's shit up. It's not necessarily about preaching to the choir, but preaching to those who don't know any better. That's where it hurts the most.

  5. Because someone who believes in the Old Testament is better???

    Um, yes. Netanyahu is MUCH MUCH MUUUCH better than Ahmedanijad. And while both are absolute tripe, the Old Testament (especially how it's interpreted by most Jews today) is far better than the Koran. George Washington was a religious man too. Doesn't mean you can't have a certain amount of respect for him. The same applies here. Sure, Netanyahu is no Washington and has his own set of philosophical faults, but he's also got some serious virtues too i.e. his intollerance of islamic totalitarianism and his advocacy of a free-er market.

  6. Watchmen is an instance of romanticism as Rand defines the term, it shows a conflict among people valuing and acting willfully. I also enjoyed the movie as fodder for analysis, even if I disliked the plot and theme.

    Romanticism as Rand defines the term? Do you feel it was an example of how the world ought to be?

  7. It wasn't happily ever after. In the comic it was a lot clearer, Dr M. tells Ozzy "Nothing ever changes" implying that his trick will not last for any significant length of time. Alan Moore has stated before that the end is not supposed to be a message that the ends justify the means, he wanted the ending to be a question of the reader. I've talked to many people about this, all my friends love it, and they all agree Ozzy was in the wrong and Rorschach in the right. If anything, this movie has helped progress the idea that the ends do not justify the needs.

    And to those complaining Ozymandias is considered the smartest man in the world, if I remember right, he is considered that purely because of the marketing he has done with his toy line. There wasn't some huge IQ contest with Ozzy taking it all, he just has some over aggressive marketing people (as he says).

    As RationalBiker said above, "I hope when I go see a movie that it is generally stand alone and that I don't have to go buy all the related literature to get the picture."

    I have not read the comic, so my opinion here is based solely on the movie. It's not good enough to say, "But the comic explained so and so differently". What I am describing here is my interpretation of the movie, as this is a discussion based on the movie, not the comic. Most people who see the movie will not have read the comic, nor will they know much about it at all. Perhaps the comic is completely different, I wouldn't know. But once again, we're not talking about the comic here, we're talking about the movie, which may or may not be a different interpretation of the original story, so all these comic-based justifications are completely irrelevant.

    If anything, this movie has helped progress the idea that the ends do not justify the needs.

    I completely disagree, and I think you mean "means". While the friends I went with (most of whom had actually read the comic) thought that Rorschach was in the right and Ozzy in the wrong, quite a number of them still felt that Rorschach needed to die for the sake of "preserving peace". That while the means may have been evil, they were entirely necessary. The 'hapilly ever after' impression that the movie gives off at the end does absolutely nothing in the way of negating this idea either.

  8. I may be echoing a previous post, but here is what I deem to be the biggest problem with this film:

    Ozymandius, supposedly the world's most intelligent man and now a successful businessman no less, decides that in order to reach what he deems a moral end, he must kill off millions of innocent people in a Hitler-esque fashion. Rorschach - the only character in the film with some real moral integrity - is opposed to the plan. The villain lives (and succeeds), the hero dies, and everyone lives happilly ever after. The End. Wait...what?

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