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    loved The Fountainhead and am now just reading Philosophy: Who Needs it? I can't put it down. Ayn Rand has given me the ability to verbalize thoughts I've had for years.
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  1. Hey - a fetus CAN exist outside the mother's body......several weeks before it is 'born' usually. Should there be another word to describe a fetus when it has reached the developmental stage where it can survive out of the womb? Do you have an argument for an abortion just minutes prior to natural delivery? i.e. woman's 'fetus' is at 40 weeks gestation, she is in labor, she decides she doesn't want to deal with the baby ruining her life, is this an appropriate time to choose to abort it? Should she have the right to about it at full gestation? Remember is has not been 'born' yet.
  2. Is an 18 year old an 'adult'? How about a 17 year old? does it happen when you are 20? Aren't these just words that we make up to describe stages of life? Sure they work to help us manage the world, driving age, drinking age etc. but in a conversation such as this does the choice of word mean anything? How can calling a "developing human being" a fetus vs. infant vs. child vs. adolescent make any difference to the fundamental question? A fetus can be 'born' and survive well before full gestation. How does that make it any less human.
  3. Can you elaborate on this? I get the difference in word definition - fetus - infant, whatever. I don't want a debate about words, I am really interested in the issue. "Life is self-generated action" doesn't seem to be much of an explanation. I am trying to understand your point, but can't. Thank you.
  4. Tumor/Fetus comparison is totally absurd, I agree. I will add that a fetus is NOT 'like' a human being in a coma. A fetus is a human being who is conscious and can hear, see [light and dark], taste, smell and most importantly think! A person could argue that a 'couch potato' is incapable of the total range of human experience.......[joke] At what point are the cells specialized enough to do this? [think] Does it matter? [something to debate] This photo was taken during fetal surgery - fetus's [baby's] hand grasping the surgeon's finger. http://www.snopes.com/photos/medical/theh
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