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  1. A friend brought up a pretty interesting point the other day when we were talking about the proper role of government. We have both read the objectivist position regarding government's sole role as protector of individual rights against the use of force and coercion, and how in an ethical society taxes would be completely optional. Yet he mentioned that our government, while it does act in unethical ways, does present distinct advantages. NASA is a perfect example. In an objectivist society, NASA would be impossible. No man or small collection of men would have the manpower, ability and most i
  2. I should have clarified. Presented in the prompt were several proposed constitutional amendments from which we were to chose one and argue for or against it. The amendment proposal I put force is not one I found or created, it was one of the options the professor presented.
  3. *** Mod's note: merged into an existing topic. - sN *** I just finished up an essay regarding a proposed constitutional amendment that deals with eminent domain. Any comments or criticism are more than welcome POL_241_Essay.doc
  4. My botany professor has been showing my class a pretty interesting movie regarding the effect of genetically engineered crops on health and society. One of the main topics dealt with the food company Monsanto, who have been producing GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and seeds that are resistant to pesticides such as RoundUp. A particular interesting issue that was brought up was that Monsanto tried to patent one of their genetically modified seeds, claiming that because they modified it they in essence created a new product that was their property. The Supreme Court ruled in their favor a
  5. I'm currently in my second year of college, and I live with by best friend of 14 years. We are both musicians, love the same music and were in a band together all throughout high school. Our band broke up after we graduated high school, as we all left for different colleges (save my friend and I), although my best friend was fortunate to meet a group of students here who are in a band that needed a new vocalist, and they chose him after an audition. I have not been able to find anyone here on campus to play music with, and it is very upsetting for me because I spent four of the best years of m
  6. another interesting point he brings up is that because consciousness is metaphysical, and exists outside the realm of matter, it infers that there is chaos. He argues that if one believes in the existence of something metaphysical, than one believes in ideas outside natural law. He defines that as chaos, as there is something outside the laws that supposedly govern us
  7. My friend and I have been discussing free will. He argues that man has no actual choice in his decisions because on a molecular level, man will always act the same way and therefore has no free will. He views men as robots, whose personalities and decisions are wired on a bio chemical level. Thus, he states that even with the absence of a God, each individual man will act in a set way, even when presented with a choice. What would the objectivist response to this be? I argue that man does have free will because we are volitional, and when presented with a choice we can choose to think rational
  8. A friend of mine showed me this preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB8fPJ6zds8 for a new documentary all about the absurdities of religion
  9. Like Kat said, isn't the continuing friendship now based on false pretenses? Is it not unfair to him to believe that their relationship has mutual trust and is strong, when in reality it is a facade? Shouldn't the woman, who wishes to continue to be friends, admit to her mistake? I see the act of cheating as the irrational sacrifice, the potential sacrifice of a relationship, rather than the admittance being an irrational sacrifice. Wouldn't the admittance be the woman owning up to her mistake, and admitting the truth in order to show her ex that she can be honest and make amends? The sacrific
  10. I have no desire to tell him, as I feel that if he is going to find out, my friend should be the one to tell him because she was the one who committed the act. I do not care for him as a person, and I have no desire to exact revenge upon him or to ruin his day. I agree that I should have nothing to do with him, and I don't, yet despite my lack of respect for him, I feel that the obligation for him to know what happened comes from my friend, the one who cheated one him, continuing to be good friends with him, and with him having feelings for her.
  11. perhaps i should clarify: they are still close friends, and he wants to get together with her, but from what I've heard the feeling isn't mutual. Ironically, he cheated on his next girlfriend with her. He is the definition of a scumbag, but despite the fact that I dislike him, I still think he has a right to know.
  12. A friend of mine (I know how often in movies when a character says 'a friend of mine did...' they are actually referring to themselves. I assure you this is not the case) cheated on her boyfriend just under a year ago, and to date has never told him. When I asked her why, and told her that I believe he has a right to know that his trust was violated, she told me that she will never bring it up with him because she doesn't want to bring up mistakes that happened a long time ago. Regardless of when it happened, doesn't the boyfriend - who is now her ex for different reasons - have a right to kno
  13. I was reading through The Virtue of Selfishness, and I decided to look up Nathaniel Branden to learn some more about him after reading his articles. To my surprise, I learned that he and Rand had an longstanding affair while they were both married to other people. I was shocked to learn this, and even more surprised to learn that Rand terminated her friendship with Branden when she learned that he was with another women (after divorcing his wife and ending his relationship with Rand) against her wishes. I always believed that someone who considers themselves to be an Objectivist, especia
  14. Thank you all for your opinions. It helps to see several people all give the same advice, it really clears my mind. Next time she calls, we'll have a talk.
  15. Before I actually describe the problem at hand, I think it is imperative that I provide a little backstory to help make things clear. My senior year in high school, I had a steady girlfriend. It started off great; she was gorgeous, strong willed and very individualistic, and she is the only girl I have ever truly been in love with. The relationship went downhill as it progressed: she cheated on me a few times, would go through periods where she didn't know how she felt for me, and would ignore me and insult me at parties or when we were with friends (ditched me at my senior prom, for instan
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