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  1. Devil's Advocate The argument really boils down to whether or not consciousness is purely physical. If it is, then its processes are chemical in nature. All chemical processes, on the atomic level, interact in an entirely deterministic way, having neither the will nor the power to move against chemical balance. If consciousness is physical, then it is completely determined by outside atomic events.
  2. I think the best idea would be a cellular system, something like Stalin's sleeper cells, but on a workable level. I'm afraid I can't see a unified society existing in secret these days.
  3. Quote from a review site This is what I mean...satire in writing is easy....satire visually is confusing
  4. I agree....I wonder if they will pull it off successfully. I can't think of one time where someone has actually managed to successfully bring satire to screen.
  5. Read the story Clawg, if you haven't already . It's supposed to be satirical. I don't know how it will work as a short film, satire is not a visually oriented genre, for the same reason why it's hard to be sarcastic in a chat room.
  6. I laughed with the Joker, for the same reason I laughed with Ellsworth Toohey. That a person or people can wish for their own destruction and not know it is a supreme irony, especially when they are given the power to unleash a person who fully knows what he wants and how to get it. Such evil integrity blinds them, they cannot understand it, they do know how to control a man like that. He doesn't want money or power, or life, or sex, or drugs. He has only one desire, one that they can't give him. As Alfred says so perfectly in the movie, he just wants to see the world burn. That's why I laugh
  7. I loved it, but was it intended to be corny?
  8. Not the point, but the girl's crown means nothing. I like to dress up, and I'm 22, doesn't mean that she's spoiled. Also, I've battled depression before, and I have never been through trauma. Depression is an illness, not just an emotion. Back on topic. Being mean on the internet is not on trial here. This is a case of a person who forged a false identity and used it to target and torment a fellow human being. According to the articles above, as well as others, the woman planned from the beginning to seduce this girl into a relationship and then urge the girl to suicide, which is obviously
  9. The Matrix Soundtrack A Series of Unfortunate Events Soundtrack The Return of the King Soundtrack
  10. Welcome to funheadaches.com!! I think you'll find plenty to think about here
  11. I'm no economist, but it seems to me that water-selling businesses wouldn't do that, because their main consumer would be the lower and middle classes. Also, I think the lower classes would turn to local landowners with water on their properties, and would try to find viable sources of water themselves, which would take customers away from the major companies, not something any business wants.
  12. Again, not the point of this topic, but finite omniscience kind of is important. If an entity, no matter how unlikely, can know every finite fact, then the potential for a form of godhood does exist. You've gotten rid of the monotheist gods, but those annoying all knowing genies are still hangin' in there.
  13. Cowisms - The Ultimate Government Guide Fascism -- If you have 2 cows, you keep the cows but give the milk to the government, who then sells you the milk at a high price. Nazism -- If you have 2 cows, the government shoots you and keeps the cows. New Dealism -- (FDR Version) If you have 2 cows, you shoot one, milk the other one; then pour the milk down the drain. Capitalism -- (Reaganomics) If you have 2 cows, you sell one and buy a bull; you then sell all the excess milk to the government who in turn ships it to fascist and communist governments. Anarchism -- If you have 2 cows
  14. Solid profile. Your father sounded like an interesting man.

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