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  1. So that basically there would be a vacuum in the market for affordable water that would be filled by a different company? In that case the buisness that had less pricy water would force the other company out of buisness or force them to lower their prices down?
  2. How would water work in Objectivist Society? Would'nt it just be possible for Companies to buy the water and make it nearly impossible for people other then the incredibly wealthy to purchase? This is a question that has been plauging me for awhile, because water is'nt like cars, or food, there is no alternative, you need water or you'll die very quickly.
  3. This past Summer I read Atlas Shrugged, and I know it shounds like a cliche, but it really did change my life. Atlas Shrugged got me really interested into Objectivist Philosophy. I quickly started buying and reading as many books as I could, most of Ayn Rand's fiction, and read For the New Intellectual, The Anti-Industrial Revolution, The Virtue of Selfishness etc... I'm still very new to Objectivism and I am seeking some answers and this looks like a great place to find some.
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