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    My name is Paul, I live in the Dallas area and am currently re-reading Atlas Shrugged"
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    graduated with cert in auto technology from Lincoln Technical Institut, Grand Prarie Tx
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  1. I lie on job apps as a matter of course between the ages of 17-19(Im 31 now) I caught 4 felony cases, 3 for selling dope and one for robbery when I got out of prison, it was real hard to get a job; but when I lied, it wasnt so hard. I consistently lie about my record and have no regrets about it.
  2. when he gets out of prison he could probably run for the Dallas city council.
  3. Growing up in the southern part of Dallas, I was socialized to have an innate distrust of the police. lLikewise, the police in that part of the world had I guess a chip on thier shoulder, because there were illiterate teens making more in a weekend than they made in a month. But to be honest, cops are no better or worse than any other segment of society. many other professions involve violations of other folks rights
  4. LOL glad to see you here andrew, are you still doing the fox project
  5. I am a big fan of old school country: hank sr, johnny cash, merle haggard, jimmy rodgers etc all the way up to the 80s Im also a big fan of down south rap: Im a die hard screw-head, geto boys fan, all the old school h-town stuff: street military, point blank, trinity garden cartel, botany boyz etc I also like b-gizzle, trick, a lot of the ATL stuff Old school soul and R&B is probably my passion though: marvin and tammi, the temptations, teddy pendergrass, smokey, al green, dorothy moore, aretha, martha and the vendellas all that old stuff
  6. Here in the great state of Texas, once you have served all of your time, including post realease probation or parole, you are granted your voting rights back, as well as a limited version of your second amendment rights. I think this is sound policy
  7. I agree that any gun control must be fought tooth and nail. I didn't, however, know that the brady bill didnt sunset along with the assault weapons ban. Wow. Also, from my understanding, the RKBA is a overall a better gun rights lobby than the NRA.
  8. so you think they are going to be able to get away with gun grabbing eh? I doubt it, if for no other reason than the dems want to hold on to congress. 1994 wasn't that long ago and the brady bill was a factor in the Dems losing seats. On another note, I bought my Mosin as a collectors gun, I very rarely fire a weapon, but do like to purchase historically significant weapons occasionally.
  9. I used to Live in Jackson-Lee's district thankfully I dont anymore
  10. I've read one Ken Follet book, a non-fiction account of the Ross Perot financed rescue operation to get his employees out of Iran during the 79 troubles.
  11. As a native Texan, I am a gun owner, although more into the collector's aspect of it than marksmanship(my last purchase was a Mosin-Nagant), but I am not worried about Obama pushing through any type of gun control legislation, partially because most of the Dem's gains have been in states that value the second amendments and these guys remember what happened last time in 1994(the repubs took their seats), plus the recent supreme court ruling, called by one conservative columnist as "the Roe V Wade of Gun Rights". I think I live in the only state in the union where you get your voting rights and some(albiet limited) of your second amendment rights back if you've been in trouble with the law once you "pay your debt to society"
  12. the first time I read AS, I felt sorry for Jim Taggart in a way. More than anyone else, he reminds me of "The GOdfather" character, Fredo Corleone. As I have read the book again, I feel less sympathy towards him and more disgust. There are lots of little things in the book that add true depth of depravity to Jim Taggart that I didnt notice upon first read
  13. "save it for Jim Taggart. I know what I'm talking about, because I never went to college"--Fred Kinnan "thats okay, because I'm the man"---Dagny, in response to Cheryl tellling her "Im the woman in this family now"
  14. Hello, On August 9, 2008 in Fort Smith Arkansas, I will be fighting a Charity boxing match for Locks of Love in which I have put up my hair as a bet against a $200 donation from him if I win. The thing is, is that this particular boxing promoter encourages his fighters to make youtube videos. youtube is our method of promoting ourselves. Problem is I dont own a cam and even if I bought one I have a computer that is on its last leg and has to be operated on safe mode and will probably not be able to upload videos anyway. So my advertisement is this: If anyone is interested in Making a little bit of money by filming a boxing promotional video, uploading it and posting it on youtube for me, give me a holler. One member of this forum has already done so and he did a wonderful job.
  15. The ones with the "will work for food" signs I dont help. I will however, throw some spare change from time to time for the "why lie I need a beer" guys.
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