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  1. I lie on job apps as a matter of course

    between the ages of 17-19(Im 31 now) I caught 4 felony cases, 3 for selling dope and one for robbery

    when I got out of prison, it was real hard to get a job; but when I lied, it wasnt so hard.

    I consistently lie about my record and have no regrets about it.

  2. Growing up in the southern part of Dallas, I was socialized to have an innate distrust of the police.

    lLikewise, the police in that part of the world had I guess a chip on thier shoulder, because there were illiterate teens making more in a weekend than they made in a month. But to be honest, cops are no better or worse than any other segment of society. many other professions involve violations of other folks rights

  3. I am a big fan of old school country: hank sr, johnny cash, merle haggard, jimmy rodgers etc all the way up to the 80s

    Im also a big fan of down south rap: Im a die hard screw-head, geto boys fan, all the old school h-town stuff: street military, point blank, trinity garden cartel, botany boyz etc

    I also like b-gizzle, trick, a lot of the ATL stuff

    Old school soul and R&B is probably my passion though: marvin and tammi, the temptations, teddy pendergrass, smokey, al green, dorothy moore, aretha, martha and the vendellas all that old stuff

  4. Here in the great state of Texas, once you have served all of your time, including post realease probation or parole, you are granted your voting rights back, as well as a limited version of your second amendment rights. I think this is sound policy

  5. It wasn't just the Brady Bill--which we are still stuck with--but also the high-cap magazine and "assault weapon" ban, the Feinstein Amendment, which sunset in 2004. Even though the Republicans got elected due to those, neither measure actually got repealed. (We have the NRA to thank for the Brady Bill, they *approve* of it and wouldn't lobby for its repeal. But the Rs were too spineless, even in 1995, and even when they had a Republican president in 2001, to get rid of the Feinstein baloney.)

    If the Dems *do* pass something--and many of them hate guns too much to care if they take a fall for it (see Bill Clinton's quote, he thought it was worth losing Congress)--they will make it permanent this time, no ten year sunset, and the Republicans will never have the testicular fortitude to repeal it. A ratchet effect.

    Any gun control proposed MUST be fought vigorously. Unfortunately due to the ratchet, we have to win every time, they only have to win once.

    I agree that any gun control must be fought tooth and nail. I didn't, however, know that the brady bill didnt sunset along with the assault weapons ban. Wow. Also, from my understanding, the RKBA is a overall a better gun rights lobby than the NRA.

  6. "Roe v, Wade of Gun Rights"? Bullshit. Only if the Supreme court had overturned all anti-gun laws (as they overturned all anti-abortion laws in Roe v. Wade) would it merit that. In point of fact the Supremes *affirmed* that there is such a thing as a reasonable restriction on KBA. (They are wrong.)

    Mosin Nagant, eh? Interesting weapons. I wouldn't mind owning one, but it would basically be a collectible curiosity for me. (The round, though available today, is "funky" and if ammo ever got restricted for whatever reason such as being taxed into oblivion, I think the manufacturers would drop that (and probably about 95% of all other) rounds.)

    I hope you are right about the legislation, Paul. I really do. (Even though it would mean I "wasted" money buying an AR-15 at inflated panic prices.) But I doubt it. The congressional leadership will be pushing--hard--for this one; they've been frustrated for the last 8 years and the Feinstein (magazine and scary gun ban) amendment was (horrors!) allowed to expire, which absolutely has got to have gotten their goat.

    so you think they are going to be able to get away with gun grabbing eh? I doubt it, if for no other reason than the dems want to hold on to congress. 1994 wasn't that long ago and the brady bill was a factor in the Dems losing seats. On another note, I bought my Mosin as a collectors gun, I very rarely fire a weapon, but do like to purchase historically significant weapons occasionally.

  7. As a native Texan, I am a gun owner, although more into the collector's aspect of it than marksmanship(my last purchase was a Mosin-Nagant), but I am not worried about Obama pushing through any type of gun control legislation, partially because most of the Dem's gains have been in states that value the second amendments and these guys remember what happened last time in 1994(the repubs took their seats), plus the recent supreme court ruling, called by one conservative columnist as "the Roe V Wade of Gun Rights". I think I live in the only state in the union where you get your voting rights and some(albiet limited) of your second amendment rights back if you've been in trouble with the law once you "pay your debt to society"

  8. the first time I read AS, I felt sorry for Jim Taggart in a way. More than anyone else, he reminds me of "The GOdfather" character, Fredo Corleone. As I have read the book again, I feel less sympathy towards him and more disgust. There are lots of little things in the book that add true depth of depravity to Jim Taggart that I didnt notice upon first read

  9. Hello,

    On August 9, 2008 in Fort Smith Arkansas, I will be fighting a Charity boxing match for Locks of Love in which I have put up my hair as a bet against a $200 donation from him if I win.

    The thing is, is that this particular boxing promoter encourages his fighters to make youtube videos.

    youtube is our method of promoting ourselves.

    Problem is I dont own a cam and even if I bought one I have a computer that is on its last leg and has to be operated on safe mode and will probably not be able to upload videos anyway.

    So my advertisement is this:

    If anyone is interested in Making a little bit of money by filming a boxing promotional video, uploading it and posting it on youtube for me, give me a holler.

    One member of this forum has already done so and he did a wonderful job.

  10. Rap--I'm from Texas, so I was pretty much raised on UGK and the Geto Boys growing up, as much so as I was Waylon, WIllie, Johnny, David Allen, and George Jones. I am also a big fan of B-Gizzle, Z-ro, C-Murder and chamillionaire.

    R&B--I like the old school; the Motown and Stax label classics, Teddy Pendergrass, Al Green, Patti Labelle, Bobby Womack, Johnnie Taylor, Millie Jackson, Minnie Ripperton, Stephanie Mills, Ashford and simpson among others

    Country---all the classics, as well as Steve Earle, Robert Earl Keen and some undrground stuff.

  11. There are many things the government could do more efficiently. The government wastes a HUGE amount of money trying criminals in court. It would be eminently practical to execute all suspected criminals on the spot. No criminal trials to conduct; no public defenders to appoint; fewer people conscripted into jury service; zero jail and prison costs; and of course, far, far fewer criminals on the streets. It would have a great deterrent effect too.

    The moment you sacrifice your ideals to 'efficiency,' you are on the path to fascism.

    Just because you find it difficult to figure out how to do roads privately doesn't change the fact that you must do roads privately if you want a government that protects individual rights.


    Kind of like the old Ben Franklin qoute about safety and security, huh?

    I don't have any sort of clue as to how privatization of highways would work, but that doesnt mean it can't.

    Personally, I would like to see the post office privatized, the FAA privatized, and FEMA, ATF, IRS, Department of education and the FDIC eleminated first before going as far as road privatization.

  12. No, I was not suggesting the goverment is more efficient...........I used to work as a matinence man in a housing projects and section 8 apartments, so I know firsthand how ineffecient anything the goverment gets involved in is, hell when working at a automotive repair shop, I asked the boss why we didnt do state inspections, and he said something along the lines of the goverment makes it impossible for it to be profitable. But with something like roads, I think that the jurisdiction of fed state and local goverments would probably be more practical. I am trying to put efficiency above ideological purity, but then again the idea of private interstates and highways is so foriegn to me that I could just be closed minded about it.

  13. good counterpoint

    I will rebutt with this

    While in theory, roads might ought to be private, but this is a country of 300 million that has a federal goverment that is too big anyway and the damage that privatization would cause financially to individuals and business in a society where the lines between the private and the public are sort of blurred already might not be a good idea.

    Lets start with teh ATF, IRS, Post Office, and FEMA first

  14. Ron Paul understood the Mideast situation the best of any of the candidates I heard speak on it.

    My opinion is this..................if we pull out completely then the caliphate has to deal with Israel on one side(if I remember correctly, didn't Israel open a can of whipass on like five Arab nations at once and make it back home in time to drink beer,raise hell and watch the game on sunday),Russia on the other(and we all KNOW how nice Comrade Putin played with the Chechens),and China on the other(I dont think they have been nominated for any awards by the UN or Amnesty International lately. So let them scream "death to America" all they want, because the joke's on them, America's presence in the Middle east saves muslim lives. If we pull out and let the garbage men handle the garbage, then we have nothing to worry about.

  15. While I don't doubt that this would have helped the Germans a little I think that your assessment discounts Russian nationalism as a force of its own that would preclude many of them from supporting the Germans no matter what.

    What about the ethnics in the oil rich Caucasus whom Stalin had a special hate for?

    and Remember the collectivization hit the Ukranians the hardest and there is a Russian-Ukranian rivalry to this day.

    The biggest strategical eror of the Wermahct IMO was going for Stalingrad rather than Grozny

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