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  1. Exactly! One's time and mental energy are valuable, too. The choices and price comparisons in, eg, fancy chocolates and consumer electronics, can be dizzying. But there is much good quality at good prices. How much time would you take to decide between a Ferrari and a Porsche? Each has its specific virtues and you'd get a hell of a ride in either case. A good rule of thumb: identify a good product (in your context) at a good price (in your context) and dont have second thoughts. There is more of life to enjoy that you would miss. Having more money doesn't help. It just pushes the bar upwards. Should Donald Trump buy this superyacht or that one? After a certain point he needs to start thinking about real estate again. Efficiency is not always effectiveness. Penny-wise, pound-foolish. Specialized knowledge is valuable only in a context, not by itself. As Nietzsche observed of the humanities professors of the 19th century, "Scholarship is the delight in having caught a worm."
  2. And you thought that those History Channel "documentaries" about UFOs were absurd!
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