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  1. After I completed Anthem it was a turning point in the way I lived my life. When I completed Atlas Shrugged I became so enraptured with the heroes in the story. Currently, I've read all of Rand's work (and some of Peikoff's) and I know I can identify with this philosophy more than any other I had currently been presented. I stumbled upon this site knowing there were like minded people and I have enjoyed reading the topics over the last few months. I have gained some clarity to some questions I had, but I have some other, more specific, questions to ask. Since the age of thirteen I have been actively involved in the punk/hardcore scene of Southern California. I love this music with a passion and I always loved the messages within the music. At such a young age the content always spoke to me. However, I have come to find that the people of this counterculture have a very personal and serious vendetta against Objectivism as a whole and any form of capitalism. Maybe I am just confused and I'm receiving the wrong message, but honestly whenever I speak of Ayn Rand or her work, I would get replies along the lines of: "She's crazy, she's greedy, I can't believe you read that garbage." I'm just trying to understand the hatred and curious if there any of you involved in the same type of music scene and how you respond to people who so critically bash your philosophy. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to any response you might have.
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