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  1. Woody Shaw - Little Red's Fantasy. 60s Post-bop.
  2. I don't know. I've never seen, heard nor read anything from Kelley where he attempts to define Objectivism. So, honestly, I'd like to see where he does.
  3. Your definition is, of course, correct. But your conclusion isn't. "BMW" is a proper noun and refers to a set of particulars. This set, however, is open-ended in that future cars can be called BMW. Objectivism is the philosophy as stated by Ayn Rand. But, this doesn't preclude future scholars from creating works that are consistent with Objectivism.
  4. Anyone can see the condescension in your earlier statement and this one. It's uncalled for and rude.
  5. You quote her as saying "...job that no philosopher can finish in his lifetime" and "There is an awful lot of work yet to be done." Do you infer from these that Rand felt her philosophy (or any philosophy) can never be finished as a philosopher's life ends?
  6. No, to have an identity is to exist as something specific. Objectivism, in this context, is the Philosophy of Ayn Rand. The word "closed" means concluded. As Ayn Rand states above, Objectivism is not concluded. "There is an awful lot of work yet to be done".
  7. Why the insult? Did I insult you? If so, I apologize as I didn't mean to. Can't we be civil?
  8. We've already established that not everything that Rand thought or said is part of Objectivism. So, logically your statement "even if Rand thought is was false" doesn't apply. A philisophical statement is either consistent with Objectivism or it isn't.
  9. re: posts above this The posts above do _not_ show where Ayn Rand said Objectivism is "closed". The above quotes show that Objectivism has an identity and that Ayn Rand intended to protect that identity and her intellectual property. Post #75, in particular, proves that Objectivism is not closed in any sense of the word that I understand.
  10. Did she ever write that it was "closed"? Do you have a reference for that?
  11. I love Follett. I think, though, his wife is involved in labor politics. I highly recommend "The Hammer of Eden" it is a good portrayal of the evil philosophy behind environmentalism.
  12. I live in California, so our electors will be for Obama. I plan to vote NOTA. This is the worst slate of Presidential candidates I've encountered in the 25 year voting career.
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