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  1. I shouldn't have made that claim, I really only meant that it is nothing like anything we have now, or are actually researching now. Though if we made an atom for atom model of the human brain, would it actually function? Atomically, there is no difference between a dead brain and a live one. Also, "thinking machine" is a contradiction in terms.
  2. The line is drawn at volition. If it can answer any question etc. It is a machine. However if, though I believe it to be impossible, we created something that actually thought for itself, that made decisions, that had free will and volition - then it would cease to be a machine, it would be a rational being: with rights.
  3. "Eat the bankers" ...Disgusting.
  4. Certainly, I can think of no reasonable objection to nudity in art. Isn't it merely a matter of context? What the artist is conveying (explicitly or implicitly) will be a great weighting on the question of which parts of the human form to depict.
  5. Personally, I buy my MP3s from Amazon's download service.
  6. Kelly's idea is the best. If I ever have to design a public bathroom (unlikely, but meh) I would do that.
  7. Though ultimately fails because people still don't have time to compile their word processor. (hehe, I kid, I'm a linux user)
  8. I didn't really understand the Kennedy assassination scene either. The hippies being shot too. What point was being made?
  9. I know how you feel, I turned 18 two weeks ago. Though I have no idea how such a system would work: unless you had the opportunity to prove yourself in a court or something.
  10. It gets worse too. The BBC produces two (I think, I haven't watched it in a while) hospital dramas which portray private medicine as intrinsically evil. Stories about how nice little old ladies are going to meet the Queen, but they can't make it because they have to wait for their operation because some evil person has chosen to pay for treatment and take up the doctors!
  11. If charting is not a value, should there be no land - then all scientific experiments are a waste of time, because they might not work first time. Check your premises.
  12. Haha, I've done that in the past.
  13. I think the answer is that religion qua religion, as and for itself, is not of any value: it is a vice. However - things associated with religion can be virtuous: although if they are, they are probably antithetical to religion qua religion: and so are practised by contradiction.
  14. Government regulation and welfare statism has created a situation where irrationality in business is rewarded. Finish the book
  15. Its simply untrue that there was any substantial risk before the FDA. It isn't as if people were taking their lives into their hands every time they bit an apple or ate some chicken. Small risk then, smaller risk now (because of new technologies). There never was an emergency.
  16. Look in the mirror: that's what it's all about.
  17. I think you will find among Objectivists, that largely we do not care how big a government is. All we care about is that it is a government that operates according to justice (IE: A capitalist government) and also that it is a competent government (able to defend the country, etc.) As for one world government, that is impractical, mostly due to language barriers. However, even if there was a myriad (say, 200) capitalist governments, the effect would be the same as one world government: because the laws would be the same (capitalist) and there would be free trade. The geographical size of a country is a question of efficiency, above all else.
  18. http://www.aynrand.org/site/PageServer?pag...antic_manifesto http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/decorativearts.html Please read the link above, the short extract explains it much better than I can. This is also the reason Ayn Rand said that architecture is not art, but a category of its own, because it combines art with utilitarian purpose.
  19. That makes no sense. When you wrote that post, Sark was the only place in Europe to still be ruled by feudalism! The islanders and all property were actually owned by the ruling family! And cars are banned!
  20. Atlas Shrugged is absolutely not propaganda. Rand explicitly stated, though I can't remember where, that the purpose of her books is not public enlightenment or philosophical reference - their purpose is the same as the purpose of all romantic-realist art, to portray man as he can and should be. They are primarily artistic, that they also set out whole philosophies is of secondary (though beautifully reaffirming) consequence. As esthetics are a corollary of ethics - anything that is good esthetically (by an Objectivist standard) will hold some degree of Objectivist philosophy: as novels are written, it would make sense that the pure romantic-realist novel is going to be pure Objectivism (if you accept the Objectivist idea of romantic-realism, of course) And I do actually mean the thing being analysed. For example, if you were to make a nice pattern on a hat, it would not be art. Even if the hat had a beautiful picture on it, it would not be art: because its purpose is to be worn and to be an accessory to a human. It may well be artistic in some elements of its form, but that is different to actually being art.
  21. These might help Ayn Rand, The Psycho-Epistemology of Art, The Romantic Manifesto, 21. The essay 'What art is' also says that art cannot be combined with utilitarian purpose, the two are mutually exclusive. Art, to be art, must serve no purpose other than contemplation for its own sake.
  22. A wider point is, is 'psychological' abuse of a child the same as physical abuse? A child, if physically abused, has been pushed backwards. His body has been damaged. But a child is told awful stories about hell, purgatory, suffering, malevolence and altruism - in order to stamp out romanticism and undermine self esteem (like most parents do) - is he really pushed backwards? Or is he merely held back, restrained to a near zero-position of mental development? I'm not sure if I've articulated my point well...
  23. The biggest form of child abuse is probably the public school system. I would consider it more humane to take a bat to the head of every child daily than to cripple their minds with government 'learning'. But, man possesses volition, an indoctrinated child can still question when he leaves home.
  24. Who mentioned Ph.D.s? I have never been served in McDonalds by someone with Dr. on their name badge. You don't have to strike it lucky to make money in creative pursuits, you have to make something that people are willing to pay for. Luck doesn't really come into it.
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