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  1. I have done it for years, and I do it almost everyday. I dont know if this is a OCD or just i do it to think and get away and think about things. I've tried stopping,but I soon find out that I cant think straight sitting down, or in my bed. So i go back.
  2. I just recently got my hair cut shorter than I have every had it before. I was down almost to my lowerback and now its rest easily above my shoulders. I think shorter hair looks more elegant and makes your face seem in the picture instead of covered up by all that hair. -I've gotten some interesting comments on the way I look by a few guys in my grade this year, but im not intested in any of them.
  3. I would like to read it. I promise to you that I will, in no way give your work to another. Would you mind if I printed it out? Cause its a personal preference of mine, it allows me to analyze it better. lol But I do understand if you dont want me to, and I wont if that is your wish. later
  4. I have to say my top favorite is The Lord of the Rings, amazing. Gone in Sixty Seconds is pretty good too,whoo hoo Nicolas Cage.
  5. Welcome. My name is Jennifer. I guess im pretty young also,to know about objectivism, I'm 15. Have you read any of Ayn Rand's book? if so which ones?
  6. Very nice. Do you have anymore poems? or are you working on any currently?
  7. " I swear to you-by the woman I love-that I am your friend." -Francisco d'Anconia
  8. I just took the test. I am an INTJ. Introverted-89 Intuitive-50 Thinking-100 Judging-44 very expressed introvert moderately expressed intuitive personality very expressed thinking personality moderately expressed judging personality I have never taken a personality test before, but I doubt they are very valid. Since they are being measured on someone elses scale instead of your own.
  9. Geez you people are harsh. Give the guy a break, so what if he wants to post something that has no point. Whose going to stop him? surely not you What is a person like that doing on here anyway. I dont know what people get out of going on a website and disagreeing and argueing with members about what they think is wrong, its a waste of their time.
  10. wow you are a very good writer. I really liked your poem Ripple in Time, I felt that I could relate to that one, like im still holding onto something, and dont want to let go. That is what I got out of the poem atleast. Would you mind if I printed these, I found them really fascinating, i like to collect poems and stories i find interesting from the internet. It seemed to me as if the poems stood for more than they really were, and i really like literature that is like that.
  11. Hey! Sounds like your book is interesting, im am very passionate when it comes to writing. You can never get me to shut up about it, so that is all I will say, or I will talk your ear off, I dont want to scare you away. lol Anyway Welcome.
  12. I have a speach problem to that is slightly different than yours. I also never knew that I had a problem until my mom and my friends told me that I talked way too fast, don't pronunciate my words, and talk too low, but im stilled baffled because I have never noticed it before then . I do realize that I start jumbling my words together when I am nervous or when I talk too fast and feel as if I have to get my thoughts out. My parents were thinking about sending me to a speach therapist, but they only mentioned it once, and none after that. I do realize that my speach is one of the causes of my low self esteem, and I have been trying to improve on it. So I tend to ask people if they understood what I said, which can be embaressing at times. I have found out that the main reason people dont understand what I say is because I don't enunciate my words correctly. Do you know any speach exercises I could try? Do you recommend going to a speach therapist?
  13. wow! That was genius! im going to print that, if i may? lol yea Devils_advacate ,the John Gault part was cute.
  14. lol. I'm not going to even try to explain objectivism to my family, but i know my friends would give me hell, their "faithful" christians.
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