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    Michigan, USA
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    Writing, Reading, Tennis, History, Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Current Events

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    I'm a young Randian Objectivist from Maine, looking towards a carrer in law and currently writing a book. I discovered Ayn Rand at the beginning of 2008 with "Atlas Shrugged" and she has compleatly changed my life.
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    Falmouth High School
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About Me

I decided to get Atlas Shrugged at Barnes and Noble on December 28, 2007, using a Christmas gift card (lol), because I was heavily immersed in the Republican movement and heard that this book had some strong pro-Capitalist themes. I loved it, and went and got the Fountainhead. Finished that, and then moved on to Anthem, then We the Living. I was almost compleatly sold - and then I read a bunch of essays in her nonfiction books, and decided I supported Objectivism.

I love books and literature, and am curretly in the process of writing my own novel. I am keeping all informaiton closed until I start a thread in the near future discussing it.

I love movies; my favorites are the ones from the late 50s, early 60s, which star some of the great actors: Audrey Hepburn, Peter O'Toole, John Wayne, etc.. My favorite movies are Lawrence of Arabia and the Fountainhead. I also love Star Trek: The Orignal series. Excellent!

My personality: I'm a little shy when it comes to new people, but once I've gotten to know a person, I'm as open as a book. My personality, though complicated, is easily identifiable, and I'm very open-voiced. Get me started on something, and I have an opinion and can go on for hours.

I'm a little mature for my age (at least be looking at most of my peers), and tend to get along better with adults with whom I can relate and have intelligent discussions. But I do find a few peers my age who I get along with very well. I'm a friendly guy, it just takes a bit to know me.

My battle cry? Death to Death!

What I mean by this is that the thought of death must be purged from our lives. Unless the circumstances are extreme and absolutely demand it, we must not let the premise of death have any interaction with our lives. We must live life as currently living beings, not as ticking time bombs.

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