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  1. i dont think he was talking about the casualties, which you are correct in saying that they are over publicized. I think there are a few more things wrong in Iraq and that whole situation, then the obvious stuff the media shows everyday. And by the way on a side note, why is everyone so critical of the media? Do they not have free speech? If Iraq sells papers, i say way to go media. If bush bashing sells papers, i say "way to go media." Whatever produces profits without lawsuits, i say they should print.

  2. Has anyone read Heart of Darkness? This is slightly off subject, but it deals with colonization. I believe that a lot of that book applies to the motives of the western justification for colonization. I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on that.

  3. no its not a double edged sword. God is a reflection of our roots, just the same as we have roots in a republic. At the time of our founding christianity was the prominent religion and was therefore included in just about every aspect of life, including our pledge of allegiance. God is a belief and as people believe it less it will disappear, however our republic was a way of life and government that should stay.

  4. oldsalt: i understand that you most likely didnt mean to be insulting. Just it often comes off as if it were insulting. It is very difficult for those on the internet to know what is and is not a lecture or an insult or anything because type lacks tone of voice. I just want him to know that he shouldnt make generalization or unasserted claims. And we should merely point that out and ask that he learn a little more through questions and not attacks. We want to encourage others to learn as it is beneficial to all to have rational people to deal with in society. I just want him to know that he should change his tone, and we should be more forgiving of those who dont know everything about Objectivism yet. because i think that everyone (or most at least) can still learn from each other and our surroundings.

  5. Why?

    I don't endorse the entire Republican platform or historical agenda and neither do many Republican registered voters, candidates, or office holders.  All being a Republican means is that

    1) I can vote in the Republican primary where there tends to be more candidates closer to my views than in the Democratic Party.

    2) I can work to influence the direction of the Republican Party from the inside and use their access to the media and the electorate to further MY agenda.

    I totally discount the Libertarian Party because

    1) They cannot elect candidates or even outpoll the Green Party.

    2) They are also failures as a vehicle for spreading ideas since they can't get the attention a major party can and they often espose positions (anti-war, etc.) completely at odds with my own.

    You're right in your logic of being Republican. I just choose not to vote it. This is my first Presidential race I can vote in and i refuse to vote Bush. I did get to vote in the lesser elections 2 years ago.

    And I dont understand why any one would vote green party. They are basically socialists. Some green party members support a 4 DOLLAR GAS TAX to FORCE the market to create alternative means of fuel. This is insane that they would impose such a devastating blow to our economy just for the sake of causing less polution. Global Warming isnt even a concern anymore, since so many scientists think that it occurs naturally.

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