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  1. Some women in Lithuania, in order to get more money from social insurance during their "mother's holiday", cheated their social record by paying bigger social insurance fees and signaling that their salaries are bigger, thus getting more money from social insurance. This way of fraud was so effective that some of them managed to get a hundred thousdand dollars a year, which is huge money in Lithuania. This year, however, such women are threatened by jail for comitting fraud against the social insurance and hundreds of young women(along with their babies in some cases) might go to jail. On one hand, they broke a law and are responsible for it, on the other hand, what would become of their children if their mothers went to jail for ten years or so while they were growing up? How to solve such a practical and ethical problem?
  2. I think we should be more active at NorwayLoto. Also, we should somehow prove Sebulba's "Propaganda!" being a propaganda on which I'm working right now. All we need to do is more activism, of course.
  3. The best thing that genetic enginners could do now would be a very fast growing tree which can not reproduce without man's help. We could regrow deforested areas in undeveloped countries fairly quickly to prevent droughts, floods, etc.
  4. I've heard they want to privatise many of their core companies that are still publicly run.
  5. Capital punishment is not at all punishment. If the murderer dies, he will not see much consequences of his actions. Leaving him alive and letting him think about his crime for 10, 20 or more years is far more of a punishment because the criminal will have the sense of punishment.
  6. We know have three members in congress. What laws should we try to put through?
  7. I've made a simple forum for Objectivist games (including an Erepublik forum) at http://objgamers.ucoz.com if anyone is interested.
  8. What about current elections? I voted for Maarten. And you? Btw. Notelitten is also a trusted person to vote for.
  9. What about the roads in them? I'd think they'd be pretty much usable still. And the structures, though not very "comfortable" might still provide a cheap source for building materials of new buildings while the former utilities might generate the first revenues for scrap metal deals. All what might be quite expensive and difficult is fresh water and electricity supply. I think we could simply get anything else we might need. Buying a ghost town is better than an empty land since it retains some infrastructure. Besides, internet business could be conducted even from there after we establish our internet connection.
  10. I recently had an idea how to found an objectivist settlement easily: We just need to reclaim the ghost towns. Some of them have a decent, though abandoned, infrastructure, are easy to buy out while have some goals to mask the invasion of them with, like attempting their redevelopment to bring life to abandoned towns or limit the damage to nature since reusing the same infrastructure would be more resource-efficient than building everything anew. A project like that might even get some government funding or we might even try to get a tax-exempt status for a decade or two. Since support of this project might help gain some politicians popularity while not many would think it'll work, it looks like an easy solution of a place to live in. I'd like some of your thoughts on this idea.
  11. ==General== The '''Kapitalist Partiet''' is a political party in eNorway founded on specific principals. Chief among these is the [[Trader Principal]]; that men enter into agreements with others in order to exchange value for value. Next is the principal of [[Non-initiation of force]], that in order to trade all exchanges between free men must be voluntary, free of force and/or fraud. These principals draw their legitimacy from the inalienable right of all men to live their own lives for their own sake. ==Platform== What this should contain? ===Economy=== Reduce Income and Import taxes while increasing the VAT if neccessary. ===Defence=== Seek closer relations with both Scandinavian and EDEN countries; have constant training wars. ===Foreign Affairs== Try to find new allies whenever possible. ==The Party== "Capitalist Party" or "Individualist Party" ===Leader=== I could do it. ===Deputy Leader=== ===Representation in Congress=== One from each region we have people in. At least. That should clear something up
  12. My Facebook account is linked in my signature. Feel free to invite me.
  13. There is a Youtuber that has recently posted a video where he finds a Nobel Peace Prize in a cereal box and says "The crap they put in cereal boxes these days..." Even though the guy's an anarchist and his video was of low quality, he still rang a bell there.
  14. The second one was good while others were just average. That's because in the second one, no Atlas knowledge is required and a man with a gun in his hand should have his way...
  15. Because of all those liberals, anarchists and theocrats who will try to supress other people's rights?
  16. Have you just seen the Norway's recent military campaign? They have attacked Finland and Russia. I think they are using the moment of Russia's war against USA to their advantage and are up to taking over the Eastern Russia. There are only two regions hard to take over though: Moscow and Urals, so Norway should take over the rest quite easily. Whatdo you think about it?
  17. There's something wrong with my code. I will make it into a way that doesn't require confirmation links. It should fix everything.
  18. They might as well as be the actual technocrats. If that is the case, they want to charge the ones who have the best understanding of the game mechanics in charge. I don't see anything dangerous about it, though.
  19. And what should it be like? Why not a love story which revolves around a businesswoman and an economics professor?
  20. Not really. Norwegians are good English speakers, I believe. They will understand what we say
  21. Having one company for each one of us is nice enough though. Same here. Should get another one in two days. I am the producer (weapons). Although all the difference there actually is is the sphere you're occupied in. The one can be both a worker, a soldier and a journalist. heard anything of export licenses, though? I think those are needed to get the income out of the trade.
  22. By saying "mostly" Steve meant that it's harmless for anyone who isn't a troll.
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