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  1. Is it in the interest of large companies to preserve the environment? My answer: Yes, it is from Objectivist side of view, but from others: 1.Rainforests are cut down in a steady speeds with no interest of enviromental care by the cutters. Cut down forest are used as grasslands for cattle and later become into deserts, like Sahara did due to Carthagian shepherds about 2000 years ago. 2. Communists who were in charge for several years in my country(Lithuania), did nothing good to the enviroment by huge and idiotic use of local enviroment and resources. The greatest example of socialistic idiocy was air and water pollution in Jonava's Nytrogen nutrients factory: Pollution by ammonia, nytrogen acid and other chemicals was 6 times bigger than the healthy norm, althought it was the state who did it, not people. All in all, as long as companies work by moral and ethics, they are interested in the enviroment and the interest itself is good for them, because many people value products which were made with no harm to the enviroment.
  2. I am a new member in this forum, so I would like to introduce myself. My name is Justas, I am 16 years old and I live in Klaipeda, Lithuania. My interests include computer sciensce, physics, maths, sociology and even practical hypnosis. My main hobby is writing a book. I have done 36 pages so far and it is about a smart teenager in a huge conflict with modern society, because he is too young to not understand what is right and what is wrong and most of all - why his parents tought him not to do things they do themselves and other things I find difficult or bad in the society I live in. The only things I created what are in the internet are three Youtube videos: 'Introduction to Vytautas Didysis Gymnasium; and 'How to be evil douche from hell', parts 1 and 2. In those videos, I appear to be a complete psycho. Sometimes, I wander if that's true or not myself. I learned about Objectivism just recently, but knew about the idea for a pretty long time, because I am a fan of Rush and many of their songs have Objectivistic focus, especially 'Anthem' and '2112'. By the way, sorry for my grammar - English is my second language.
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