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  1. No, because sooner or later, the light emitted from it would reach your eyes.
  2. Ah. I see now. 'Can not appoint him' part.
  3. What's beautiful? Yes, I know that my thinking is 'different' and it's my first try on poetry. Whatever.
  4. Too bad I'm the only Lithuanian speaker out here.
  5. Chendovre then. I am also interested in game screenplay writing. Is any person here familiar with game screenplays?
  6. You want joy and peace and pride, but who is going to get them for you? Someone else? You must exist to want something and be self-aware to do something in order to get it. I could argue that the word "I" means the difference between you and everything else in the Universe. Can't you really grasp such a simple fact?
  7. 'Polylingual poetry' is something I thought of yesterday evening and that's what came out: "I have my future to be had I had a lifetime in my past. Turiu aš savo svajones, Savo jauntystės dieneles. There is a nature to be tamed No regrets, no misery to be damned. Turiu gyvenimą tik sau vienam, Negaliu paskirti jo kažkam kitam. My own happiness is my direction, To me, Faith and Reason have no connection. Suprast pasaulį siekiu visada, Nuo savęs paslėpti tiesą nevalia." As you can see, it is a poem written in two languages: English and Lithuanian. Pretty much a new idea, isn't it?
  8. that would mean he is very low on self-esteem and has a nature of a bully. If having people less able than him around him makes him feel better, then he lacks any self-respect whatsoever.
  9. Precisely. Also, symbols allow to expressing an idea in the art without propaganda much easier.
  10. I just wanted to make the bar, that means "I" and the "O", that means "Objectivism" well connected with each other, meaning non-contradiction and consistency. I have made a crescent-free version. Juxtyssymbol2.bmp
  11. Just created this. Personally, I had a hard time choosing colors, but I think these are best. That's something that may ring a bell to me quite quickly, as a-may-be-Obama-something as it seems as first: Juxtyssymbol.bmp
  12. So that's why I got notified about a message I received months ago...
  13. In the 9th grade, my Biology book mentions that there are four kinds of evolution: Physical(changes in structure of heavenly bodies), Chemical(changes in chemical compounds found on heavenly bodies), Biological(genetic mutations; survival of the fittest) and Cultural(technology and art). All of them are happening, so yes, humans are evolving, both in biological and cultural way.
  14. The funny thing is that they display the white house website, not some capitalist website
  15. I was born at the year then the Soviet Union fell, so I don't have any of my personal experiences. For starters, 33 percent of Lithuanians still miss Soviet Union. I know, it sounds just terrible, but all of them probably are older than 50. Also, lines for goods like vodka, cakes, and bannanas were mile-long. And to end my post a joke said by the people who miss Communism: "Twenty years ago, Lithuania was the face of the Soviet Union. Now, it is the butt of European Union."
  16. I'd suggest Kazimierz Siemienowicz, a founder of basic artillery theory and firework production. Wrote a book known as "The Complete Art of Artillery", that was used for two centuries to make rockets both for civilian and battle purposes. He also was the first to introduce multistage rockets, batteries of rockets, and rockets with delta wing stabilizers (instead of the common guiding rods).
  17. I spilt my tea while reading this. And what's my opinion? Well, the more people get to read Rand, the better. And they will buy her books after reading a few pages and reading them. At least I think so. Also, I've found a complete text of "Anthem" somewhere on thge net in html. Seemed pretty weird.
  18. "Cold Fire" by Rush; "One Slip" by Pink Floyd; "Bargain" by The Who. Can't remember any more at the moment.
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