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  1. Lithuania is a pretty bad place to live for an objectivist, but my girlfriend is objectivist-leaning. The greatest challenge I'll have is to prove that freewill exists and destiny didn't have much to do to bring us together. The reason why's that so difficult is that we met while I was on a project in Sweden where she's studying while we were going to same schools for eight years but never met each other in our hometown.
  2. She misquoted Rand so many times, it's funny. Oh really?
  3. I hope your protest will succeed without any victims.
  4. Yes, it was a sill plate. And it was a wooden plank. So sad somebody destroyed it yesterday's evening.
  5. You mean under the snow surrounding that castle? No, it's just solid concrete bricks that are layered in that place.
  6. I and a bunch of other kids from my local area built this last saturday. Just wanted to share the amazement of ours as the work was complete:
  7. Juxtys

    Cow Economics

    No, I didn't made this.
  8. It's amusing that 33 percent of Lithuanians still miss Soviet Union...
  9. Welcome to the boat. And also, it's Objectivism, not Randism
  10. I have launched an arrow from a bow several times. The arrow is visible in the launching position...
  11. Although I'm only seventeen, I have some experience of relationship like that. I know some ways of getting rid of girls like her. 1. If her value system is so screwed up, try to be the exact opposite of her values. If she's very religious, get yourself a t-shirt saying 'There is no God'; if she's a fighter for animal rights, create 'Really not a vegetarian' t-shirt. That helps you expressing something without saying it especially if she can't stop talking all the time. 2. Answer her text messages with quotes of your favorite thinkers, not your original thoughts. After hearing much Rand, Locke, Bacon, Aristotle, etc. she will not be that much into you. 3. The most jerkish way of making a girl leave you alone(only use it if others don't help) - taking with her or making remarks about sex non-stop. Unless she's a nympho, this will make you boring for her and fast. 4. There is also one way of getting rid of any girl - having 'someone else'. If she texts you and wants to meet you, just respond her that you're having a date with 'someone else' at that time. The more good details you mention of that 'someone else', the more she will hate you. Even if you don't have that 'someone else' around you, you clearly have your desired value system you can not stop boasting about if you really want to. Hope these help.
  12. I am strictly against drinking alcohol. Us, Lithuanians, once we begin to drink, we can't stop. Or so it seems.
  13. So so sad. My soulmate is studying in Sweden, so I just sent her a postcard while she did the same to me
  14. I was grown to be a Christian. I will help you: Our Father, which is in heaven, Let Be holy Your name, Let Your kingdom come, Let your will be In the Earth as in the heaven. Give us our daily bread today And forgive us our sins, Just like we forgive us to our sinners. And do not allow us to be seduced, But save us from the evil. Amen I believe in the almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth; And to Jesus Christ, His direct son, our Lord, Which started from the holy spirit, Was born from Virgin Mary, Suffered near Poncius Pilot, Was nailed to the cross, Died and buried; Went to Hells; In the third day, resurrected himself; And stepped into heaven, Is sitting in the right of the Almighty God, From there he will come to judge the dead and the living ones. I believe in Holy Spirit, Holy global church, Interacting of the saints, Forgiveness of sins, Body's resurrection from the death And the eternal life. In Lithuania, those to are the most popular ones.
  15. What about a volcanic island then? It would certainly have water from streams or the worst case scenario - rainfall. Next, you can hide artificial industrial activity by the natural volcanic activity there. Next, oil is not so neccessary since you can use geothermal energy. Food may be gathered from the ocean - no irrigations neccessary, or vegetables grown under the trees, so they will not be spotted too. In the end, only a way of extracting iron from volcanic debris is needed to create a self sustainable system difficult to spot.
  16. 1. Most of my thinking is done by internal monologue. I find myself having some problems with it since I sometimes move my lips while thinking. It looks freaky to other people. 2. Yes, I do think by both words and pictures since not all things may be portrayd by pictures that easily.
  17. That's my bit of it.(attached)
  18. I believe he wanted to say 'Miracles cannot happen because they would NOT defy laws of nature.
  19. it's strange that I had a free day on february 2nd
  20. Yeah. Share some life of yours with us. It's a non-written rule of this forum, when you create a thread to introduce yourself
  21. What if we collect a bunch of videos with us saying Galt's Oath into one and posting it as a video response to that video?
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