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  1. What makes medicine different from any other trade? They have their own mechanics, IT experts, pilots, etc... Why not their own medical personnel if they need them? Any job can be contracted out. Why not just hire mercenaries? At some point the government needs it's own employees to ensure that it performs its proper functions. Whether something is done internally or on contract is a management decision.
  2. I just signed up for it. This is why I like blizzard; many game companies just don't take the time to get things right and end up releasing unfinished games. I ended up not buying some games I was interested in for that reason. But then the original starcraft, released in 1998, has more people playing it that some 6 month old games. So it works. Valve is very good with this too.
  3. My new job will require me to join a union. Nobody knew how much they take off their paychecks, it's like they don't care. When looking for that info I came across the union's FAQ page. http://ontario.psac.com/organizing/faq.shtml I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read that.
  4. For those of you who make christmas trees what do you use as your tree topper? I always just put a star but I'm looking for an alternative this year. Maybe a glass spire or something.
  5. Don't forget: parks increase the value of the land that surrounds them. People want to live/work close to parks.
  6. google: god site:forum.objectivismonline.net http://www.google.ca/search?q=god+site%3Af...ivismonline.net
  7. I heard about it but never bothered to check it out. I just watched the whole 1h20 demo video. It looks really cool. I signed up for an account. I'd like to play around with the extension api. OO.net on wave anyone?
  8. Have any of you played simcountry? You either play as president of a country or ceo of a company. I played it ages ago and it seemed very detailed. As a ceo you try to find the best place to produce and sell your goods and you have to analyze the market to figure out how best to invest your money. However I seem to remember that being a president was mostly about making enough money to buy stuff to fight wars. The cool thing was that you could make contracts to supply stuff to other players.
  9. There's a party election tomorrow. There's no opposition to the incumbent right now. He won with 23 votes last time. If we get someone in the race and all vote we could take over the party.
  10. I'd say more aspiring O'ist at the moment. I still have quite a way to go before I feel I can deserve to use the term. If you're looking for objectivists in Ottawa I suggest you read David McGruer's monthly column in the Orleans Star. He was the Ottawa-Orleans candidate for the Ontario Freedom party (Paul's party) in the last provincial election. http://eastottawa.ca/rubrique-1009-On-Second-Thought.html Back on topic: I'd like to know where they wanted to put it if the NCC is involved. A monument like that would probably be better placed on private land.
  11. http://www.ottawacitizen.com/approves+monu...1324/story.html
  12. I switched to working on my construction skill. I'm building houses now but I can use it to make defense systems and hospitals too.
  13. If you don't exist in a time and at a place then you don't exist. You can't say that nothing can magically appear then right after invent some ghost that magically appeared somehow (without existing because it's outside of an existance that doesn't exist yet(even though there's no time)) as proof that it exists...
  14. Name: jm_r I'm in Svalberg, Norway
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