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  1. Are you agreeing or disagreeing ........?
  2. Hmm I actually understood what you've said, and frankly I am in agreement with you; but I will not surrender to the idea of acupuncture just yet.
  3. Well first of all I have tried to reply the owner of the thread, but it kept boucing me back to the last page ( I thought my post would've been under his post ); secondly I can't make another thread of the same topic, isn't that spamming? And lastly how should I ask if I want to ask ' Why isn't India on the list ' I didn't say that and the reason I didn't name those tribes is because most people don't even know who they are. Ayn Rand is that woman who created Objectivism.
  4. That's a terrible joke, India is one of the 4 oldest civilizations
  5. That test could have been done by anyone and anyone could've falsified that report, that is not true evidence; but you know what? If you are still in belief that acupuncture does not work, its alright because I am tired of convincing people who are like the missionaries who thinks their dogma is the ultimate belief. So let's leave it at that.
  6. Where did you exactly read acupuncture doesn't work? And to those who thinks acupuncture does not work can you show me your evidence? I would like to view it myself to see if I may be wrong. And DavidOdden, I am asking his race because I feel he is speaking from a western perspective.
  7. Its not random, let me ask you this, are you a Chinese?
  8. Ok first of all to all three of you I am sorry I didn't read the post clearly because I just thought you want to hear some inventions by the Chinese that weren't well-known. To David, yes the next actual seismograph was only invented in 1703 by some French guy I forgot his name, but again I didn't know the topic better so I'll shut up. But I would like to point out about the point where you said the majority of people would believe the Chinese had invented the first earthquake detector because sometimes people remember the most trivial things and just for example, textbooks ( most that I kn
  9. Well if you are talking about an invention that other civilizations didn't make later on ( let's say up to 1,000 years) and only the Chinese did, you can name a few: The first earthquake detector ( which has been used until the seismograph was invented by John Milne), practice of acupuncture ( modern science can still not explain how it really works ) , blast furnace (during the Han Dynasty, one of China's strongest times), and who can forget the lovely dim-sums. Of course there are more, but I really don't want to spend my day listing them.
  10. I've always favored the Chinese over other civilizations; not only because of Marco Polo's recordings, but I favored China mainly because of its culture and history. Bejing Olympics !!!!
  11. This is probably unrelated to what you two are arguing, but you should read the legendary journeys of Zheng He and the Seven Voyages
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