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  1. Peak-a-boo! Im me, thats you!

  2. dang. Sorry I missed this earlier. Oh well but lat than never. I answer the call! Your not alone Kevin!
  3. My mom has never needed a pregnacy test. Every time she has gotten pregnant she dreams a family memeber comes and tells her. She has known our genders and everything before even going to the doctor. One time she had a dream that my aunt was pregnant and actually dragged my aunt into the doctor to see. And sure enough my aunt was. She has speculated it may be her maternal instincts of someything simular portraying themselves through her dreams.
  4. MY dreams are large, varied, and odd. One of my dreams I remember best, I only dreamt one time. The Sun is setting on a pink ocean and there in the center of the waters sits an island. The island is old, made out of metal, and rusted. The island get closer and closer until your on its shore. Around you stand tall trees made of twisting meatals strips and hangng from their branches are cages filled with men, animals, and monsters of all sorts. The ground begans to shake. The beings inside the cages screeches, squawk, and howl at you with unimaginable anguish. Then, some where in the metal forest, a gaint pillar made of iron burst forth from the ground and raises into the cloud. You look up in awe at the sight. There, on top of the pillar, stand the toughest look man you've ever seen. But there is something wrong with the man. You stare for a few second trying to fiqure it out and then it hits you like a ten ton truck. Wha-Whats wrong with his head. Where the man's head should be sits the monstrouly huge cranium of a fly! You fall to the ground wanting to throw up, but you can't , your whole body is paralized. Then, the last thing you see is the man-thing swipe his hand through the air and fire reigns down on you. Then you (me) wake up feeling quite odd....to say the least. I also have recuring dreaming about things not working, falling from high places, fire (I dream about it alot), aliens, and mostly about people i know.
  5. If there is a topic about this particular article already, could someone please post it below. I just heard its pretty popular with Anti-Objectivist.
  6. A guy on another forum posted this LONG article in responce to my frequent quoitng of Ayn Rand. I would just like to know how I should respond to it and your thought about the article. Thanks. John. WARNING: very long
  7. Right now, Im starting to Atlas Shrugged. Its absolutely wonderful.
  8. i like your avitar and the gif on your sig, very nice!

  9. They call me Years Old, 13 Years old. 97% of the kids in my school have no idea about any thing on those lines. I can think of about 5 people i know that even have an idea about philosophy. And none of them know who Ayn Rand is. I didnt even know until this summer. Soon they will though, soon they will. :
  10. Nice Question. I was wondering the same thing. Why not adopt a baby from you local area?
  11. Q: Why does sheep sleep huddled up?

    A: Because Little Boy Blue's a weirdo!

  12. I would worry if you 36 and WEREN"T using happy bunny icons and rainbow nijas. Moving on... David Odden! Dude you're every where on here.
  13. Dude, Im 36! No, really, Im a teen. I discovered Objectivism from a friend on another forum. He is VERY outspoken on his political beliefs.
  14. Hi all, John Kay Herdz here. (NOT REAL NAME) This is my first post! *dances* Right now Im begining to learn about Objectivism and liking it. I live in Mt. Vernon Indiana. I'm very artistic, political, smart, and hyper active. I am also very bad at introductions. *suddenly dissapears into a puff of rainbow colored smoke*
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