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  1. I misunderstood you. Sorry I did not mean to derail the thread.
  2. Israel is currently too busy releasing 1027 prisoners in exchange for one kidnapped Israeli soldier to notice USA's weak (non)response to the terrorist attempt by the Iran regime. I don't think it's a great mystery what kind of 'reaction' you'll see coming out of Israel to the Iranian terrorist plot.
  3. Why are such liberty dollars desirable? Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just use precious metals and I owe yous of precious metals for the same purpose? That way you avoid the risk of fraud charges, and the overhead of paying someone to mint the coins and generally run the whole business.
  4. Unfortunately the computer had a great advantage over the human players. It was able to beat them to the buzzer almost constantly. If you watch the videos, you'll notice that the human players tried to buzz but came second, and the computer got the correct answer. Not wanting to detract from the achievement of IBM in building a super computer that can understand tricky textual questions and come up with the correct answer, but the score difference between the computer and the human should not be taken to represent true difference in knowledge quantity, only advantage in buzzing ability. Consi
  5. You have both missed and didn't miss something together. You will remain in this state until an outside observer collapses your probability space. To OP: I was waiting for you to fill the post =/
  6. I may not be a physicist, but the negative temperature concept did not convince me. It appears they are rigging the system to sorta match what a reverse temperature (negative temp) would behave like, but they aren't doing so by manipulating temperatures.
  7. I think it's also partially because we're taught it's not nice to brag, that each person is good in his own way, that we aren't better than anyone else, etc etc. Accepting that you're guilty of something is an extension of this. You aren't claiming to be guiltless, are you? What kind of arrogant individualist are you to claim innocence? By claiming unearned guilt you immediately put yourself near the bottom of the pile, thus immune to criticism from those around you.
  8. Yes. You're in school to get education, not as a servant or a slave. The fact that they have the nerve to tell you in your face it's your duty to serve them, and then try and make you feel like you're the one who's wrong to disagree, is unforgivable. I can only wish you that you'll be out of there soon.
  9. Tomer, the school is very unjust towards you. Mechuyavut Ishit is BS.
  10. Sad indeed. If seeing how Hitchens does not repent now that he has cancer will get some religious people thinking, then perhaps there is some good that may yet come out of this.
  11. Soth


    The article was mildly amusing read. I especially enjoyed Obama's non realistic actions in that story. 'The end is coming' isn't anything new. I for one hope that SK will retaliate with a full scale attack and destroy NK. There will be many casualties and it is unfortunate. There will be more casualties if they attack today than if they did 10 years ago. There will probably be still even more casualties if they wait for another 5-10 years. Even if they do not attack, I hope this will convince them to cease all humanitarian aid to NK and all diplomatic activities. These do nothing but streng
  12. I'm 26 and do not have children of my own yet. Having said that, my parents never physically punished me. I feel tremendous respect towards them, and I honestly feel safe in saying I don't believe I would feel the same respect had they beat me when I was a child. In fact, I'm fairly sure I would resent it greatly. Perhaps I would have been able to overcome it, but I would most certainly feel that it were wrong of them to use physical punishments.
  13. After going through the information in this thread and the various links, I've come to the conclusion that the 'scan or pat down' alternatives are unnecessary. I have realized that the TSA is unable to wield this power responsibly, that it does not prevent passengers from getting knives on board airplanes, that it represents an unprecedented action by the government directed at law abiding citizens, that there are better ways to go about increasing aerial security, I now feel certain that I am right in rejecting this. I hope this new power grab will be abolished soon. The fact that they've wai
  14. Quick, we must give the government more funding to solve this crisis!
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