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  1. If you recognize that a child is, properly, what is re-pubertant,that a teenager is, properly, a young adult - and that there was little if any disagreement of this before the 20th century... if you recognize that, culturally speaking, the 20th century was a deliberate extending of childhood beyond validity, as a means of extending control over those involved - at least in pushing the notion of adulthood as some manner of 'necessary evil', and that childhood was a time to be savored as long as possible, that dependency was good, and self-responsibility was to be not bothered with for as long as possible - the infantilizing of the teen, with the conjoining disrespect of the being as a person capable of self determination, and with the inevitable rebellion of them as a sensed devaluation of what should otherwise had been a continuing growth of self responsibility - that those who deviated from this viewing of the teens were more and more constrained from being able to violate these proscriptions - then you can better try to answer that question, now having been given some perspectives from which to see how an answer could be given... morally and legally are by no means the same, and in this day of continually furthering of constraints on all, not just the young adults, thru these legalities, answering can be hard to do in the sense of any single answer in the real world - because that legality is very powerful, even as it is at cross serving the moral...
  2. your biology knowledge simply is abysmal - chimps are NOT monkeys, any more than we are... we are APES, a distinction apart from monkeys...
  3. Ratatouille is one the great movies, certainly the best of Pixar............. not just for the "Anyone can..." but as much the rest - "...but not everyone should."
  4. In Badger Clark's The Westerner poem, the end of the stanzas is - "The sun wheels swift from morn to morn,/And the world began when I was born,/And the world is mine to win." Well, if the world began when one is born [to that person, obviously], then the world ends when that person dies...
  5. Always fun to see this from time to time - hilarious indeed!
  6. the only vat needed is the one to put krugman in, close the lid, and boil him...
  7. or, to put it another way - does she intend to support a slaver state, or freedom [for force and subjugation are what slavers do, however they may euphenize it]...
  8. Remember - this is an individual philosophy, not a group one...
  9. Well, let's see... "Age of Anarchy" "Rise of Traders" "Confederation" because one does not wish to repeat the mistakes of the past...
  10. The comments to Amit's OpEd were, however, quite disappointing... about as irrational and concrete-bound as any seen...
  11. It certainly appears to be a published book, and in the previous year by someone other than the previously stated A bientot... haven't finished reading it, but is so far a very good translation... would indeed like getting a hard copy of it, but as yet, Amazon not carry it...
  12. The biggest problem with sociology is that it is premised, fundamentally, on the tribalist view of the world, not the development of individualism in the process of civilization...
  13. Poem of Ecstasy is an orchestrated making love composition - extraordinarily done [indeed, once made love via it playing in the background, and dang if it didn't all come out just as to the music ][yes, by the end of the music, she knew she was being played, but she could not help herself, and had to agree it was very well written]
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