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  1. Yah ... I made mention of this within the subreddit for O'ism. Excellent deals on the eStore. I've purchased at least 10 lectures, and I'm already finished with the opening lecture for Objectivism Through Induction. I'm looking forward to acquiring guidance in my own pursuit of knowledge.
  2. Agreed here. Knast would make a great moderator for chat!
  3. Interesting, as I found Atlas Shrugged to be very inspirational. It provided me with the idea that I could achieve my own happiness, along with many others. In fact, I don't understand as to how the OP reached this conclusion. Now, I will say that there are a vast number of concepts within philosophy that I do not understand yet, as I am quite new to the field. I will also say that Ayn Rand's works were my introduction to philosophy. It was her works that inspired me to get into philosophy; and, to be exact, it was the essays within Philosophy: Who Needs It? that increased my interest within philosophy. With that said, I would never call myself 'stupid', nor would I call anyone else that was inspired by Rand's AS 'stupid'. For evidence of this, I encourage you to speak to a few of the regulars here on chat, as they are certainly not stupid. It isn't enough to merely state that I disagree.

  5. I have this same problem. As I am now reading OPAR (after reading Rand's Fountainhead about two years ago and Atlas Shrugged in January), I am finding that I have quite a few faulty premises of my own that I must correct. For a very long period of my life, I've acted very irrationally. Recently, I acknowledged through introspection that I do not know as much as I believed. I understand that I have much to learn on a variety of subjects; and it is honest and, therefore rational, to declare that I do not know something, rather than forming opinions on subjects that I do not understand. I am learning that Reason (ie using logic & extrospection) is not simple. It requires patience, effort (in terms of thought and application, as you mentioned whYNOT), and understanding.
  6. "The Show Must Go On" - Queen IMO, very inspirational... definitely one of my favorite songs. I should also say that Pink Floyd is my favorite band, and "Learning to Fly" is one of my favorites. I have everything from Meddle up to Division Bell!
  7. Had some fun with Global Warming propaganda
  8. FootballOutsiders.com had the Steelers ranked 9th before this MNF football game, while the Ravens were ranked #1. This was an excellent win for the Steelers. Their main problem, however, is their offensive line. They rank 25th in run blocking and 32nd(!) in pass blocking. [source: http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ol] It would seem that the Steelers really do miss Alan Faneca. Their skill positions are solid; However, each offensive line spot [especially center and left tackle] are some of the most important positions on an offense, and the Steelers are really lacking here. Without an offensive line, an all pro QB such as Roethlisberger or Peyton Manning will struggle, as has been the case this season.
  9. Hi, I'm Dan. I am 21 years old and I live in Philadelphia. I found this site about a month ago. After reading The Fountainhead, I decided that I wanted to find out more about Objectivism. I want to learn more about Objectivism before I call myself an Objectivist. I'm now reading Atlas Shrugged and I'm enjoying it thus far. I should say that I'm going through a difficult bout with social anxiety. During the past few years, I've made some bad choices. Ultimately, I found myself turning into someone that I never wanted to be. It left me feeling ashamed and inadequate. Now, I am trying to fight back. Anyways, I just wanted to say hello; And I am glad I found this site.
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