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    I am 67. Retired from the USAF. Discovered Objectivism when I was 20. Studied it intensely for about 20 years. Have recently returned to the studies.
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    The "passion" part threw me a little. I am a retire USAF Photo Intelligence Officer

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  1. You have a good thought there. Most newcomers would be more comfortable in an Objectivist primer venue that starts with the basic tenets then expands on them to cover the fields affected by philosophy. An artist might head right for a Objective view of aesthetics then expand to other areas that are of interest. As far as coming up with a brief definitive statement for Objectivism, a slogan, I'm beginning to feel a little like George Carlin trimming down the Ten Commandments . This might be an area where we each pick what turns our own crank and work with it.
  2. We might need to discuss what is our target audience here. For example, I write a bunch of guys I grew up with almost daily. A lot of politics and economy stuff these days, as you can imagine. If I were to drop the term "epistemology" into an exchange, there are a couple of them who would wonder what bugs had to do with anything . I'm still thinking we want something simple, plain language, that someone with no interest in the study of philosophy can relate to. I may be settling for half a loaf here, but I think people need to understand that Objectivism isn't some mystical code of bel
  3. I got a suggestion that we might create a clearing house for materials to use in selling Objectivism at: http://wiki.rationalmind.net. I haven't had a chance to investigate the venue so I'll have to spend some time getting acquainted with it. Since I am only semi-literate here, I thought I'd put it out to you. One of you may be more familiar with it than I am.
  4. Congratulations. You'll find that "stupid is as stupid does" works on both ends of the spectrum. Another writer noted that Mensans have little in common but the number. Had an old friend who likened being a Mensan to being a woman who belongs to a 44D club. Nothing in common but the number and it's tacky to call attention to that. If you have a good local group you'll likely find some new friends who are fun and interesting to be with. There will also be the requisite number of assholes too. Enjoy it for what it is. Don't try to make it more than that. ES
  5. You and khaight are on the same track and I agree. Check my answer to him and see what you think. I looked at what I wrote and cut it down to five statements, each less than a line long. There might be one or two more needed to cover salient points of Objectivism. I like some of your ideas for bumper stickers. A variety of approaches makes an effective campaign. Bumper stickers and tee shirts are most effective when they have an edge to them. They invite more commentary that way. Let's keep up this exchange of ideas. Somewhere in the Forum I would still like to see a place where w
  6. I agree that for a business card size it might be too long. What I gave you was actually for email exchange and could be cut down. We're also in sync on the positve approach. I think we need words that the uninitiated- if you will- can relate to. "Unalienable rights," "No claim on another's life." The property rights statement can probably be reworded and cut down. How about the first, second, fourth, fifth, and last statements as a bare bones summary of Objectivism as guiding principles? Is there something that should be added to those five statements to cover all the bases? Of co
  7. [ I appreciate your interpreting my interest as the fervor of discovery. It is more the fervor of rekindled interest. I have considered myself an Objectivist for quite a few years now. It is precisely the lack of movement over the years in making Objectivism something more than an intellectual curiosity that spurs me to stir up some dialogue, and perhaps some action. I think my analogy of Ten Commandments was misplaced. Perhaps something more akin to a creed is what I had in mind. Miss Rand managed to get the essence of it into four letters. Of course it took several thousands of pag
  8. I appreciate your input. I am pleasantly surprised that the response is mostly positive. Absolutely, we are all representatives and salespeople for the philosophy, but there is little guidance for the individual Objectivist to present the ideas in such a way that those who don't know will become interested. For example, a great many newcomers place a great deal of emphasis on their atheism and it is often the first thing they mention in a discussion. Sales basic: You never lead with a negative and you don't emphsize the negatives. This is the sort of thing that helps each of us becom
  9. Rick Warren. Ring a bell? He’s the guy who invited Obama and McCain to his institution in California to answer questions. They went. He’s also the guy who gave the invocation at Obama’s inauguration. He is also the author of two books. The second one, A PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, sold over 30 million copies. Rick Warren is a millionaire pastor of a church with 83,000 people in its congregation. What is the relevance of a Christian preacher to an Objectivism forum? Rick Warren fervently believes in a certain philosophy of life and believes that others should know that philosophy and sh
  10. Welcome. Another correspondent of the mature persuasion, I presume? I discovered The Fountainhead when I was 20 back in '61. There is a membership breakdown somewhere around here that shows we are a definite minority in this herd. You should find a much greater variety of subjects than you could ever keep up with. I shall watch for your posts. ES
  11. For Nick Good Sir, There seems to be an interpretation of your words that because it is legal for a woman to have an abortion and even morally responsible in some instances, Sarah Palin acted immorally by not considering the opinions of others and not aborting her DS child. Have you been misread? ES
  12. I'm a little late joining this dust-up but I had other feathers to ruffle. I may have missed a fine point or two but as I understand it: Sarah Palin knowingly had a DS child, her legal and within her frame of reference her moral right to do so. Her doing that offended the code of morality of one of our members here and he stated that offense, his legal right to do so. If I remember my Objectivism 101, Governor Palin has no responsibility whatsoever for the thoughts or opinions of our member, or for any of us for that matter. If she shows up on our doorstep, literally or figurati
  13. It may be time to drop this particular thread. My original intent was to simply explore ways that Objectivism might be presented to those unfamiliar with it in such a way that they would not be inclined to reject it out-of-hand because it threatens the foundation of their own belief system. Many of the posts in the Forum are about such dilemmas wherein Objectivists trying to do just that run into such a wall of resistance that any rational discussion is impossible. That may be the nature of the beast. I remember that with me it was the messenger as much as it was the message. I just t
  14. We seek the metaphor that works with our mental image of ourselves and our paths. My introduction was via TF so my mental image was of me standing with feet apart, fists on hips, chin up, staring off into the distance at a shining city others could not see. That worked for awhile but when I looked around all my friends and acquaintances were off down the path making the world safe for Democracy, raising kids, etc. Since that is the same direction I was headed, I had to find another metaphor. What I eventually came up with is not a totally divergent path but a climb up a few levels to a w
  15. I'm afraid I'm going to need an example here. If, as an Objectivist, you would want to be treated according to the principles of Objectivism, to me it follows that is how you would require yourself to treat others. If his perceived rights; e.g., his "right" to demand your money to support national health care, deviate from objective principles, you have no requirement to accede to his perceptions. You, sir, are absolutely correct . My sentence read that the commandments are "stated" as absolutes and that is precisely why they were almost immediately amended with the "but" and the
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