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  1. Thank you, Thomas. I've posted your essay on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=583006604
  2. There is never a need to obtain permission to provide a link to something published on the internet.
  3. http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/05/us/obit-steve-jobs/
  4. iflyboats, are you related to Peter Schiff? You look like you and he could be identical twins.
  5. That changes everything! I presume your fault for the delay is his justification for the short payment. Is that right? Here's a possible strategy to get the money he owes you: Tell him you will go ahead with the new project but only after he pays you the money he owes you. (I predict that this strategy will lead to an end of the relationship.) Here's another strategy: Tell him you will go ahead with the new project. Then, once he makes a commitment to the client, tell him you won't begin work until he he pays you the money he owes you. (This strategy is trickier, since you have to string him along and then stick it to him at just the right time.) John Link P.S. Do you really want to work with this guy? He sounds like trouble.
  6. I'm sure that any payments you'd send would be received with gratitude. In what sense does this person expect you to accept guilt? Does he want you to admit to him (or to the client) that you were the cause of the delay, or does he simply blame you for the delay and doesn't want anything from you with regard to that blame? If the latter, I don't see him as a good business partner. If the latter, you could tell him that the two of you disagree about the cause of the delay and leave it at that (but if he's not willing to agree to disagree then you're back in the latter situation). I see nothing immoral with associating with the person you describe, but it sounds like he has some problems accepting responsibility for his actions, including his mistakes. I don't like doing business with someone like that, but we all have our problems and what matters is whether you see the business relationship as profitable to you. John Link
  7. I had never heard of The Edge. Thanks for posting that. It looks great! John Link
  8. Thanks, Grames, for your post. I very much enjoyed Mamet's True and False and look forward to reading The Secret Knowledge. True and False: http://www.amazon.com/True-False-Heresy-Common-Sense/dp/0679772642/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1305471230&sr=1-1 John Link
  9. I attended an April 15th showing at the Empire 25 on 42nd Street near 8th Avenue in Manhattan. I saw no Atlas Shrugged posters in the theater either the night I attended the movie or a few days earlier when I bought my tickets. There was a YouTube campaign, but I found the phone messages from the characters in the film to be rather silly, and expect that they would be ineffective in attracting any audience except for those who had already read the book and loved it. John Link
  10. Then go see the movie! I attended the premier last night in Times Square and left the theater exhilarated. John Link
  11. Exactly! I had heard the tickets were going for $150 per person, but now I see that they were $250! http://nycpremieratlasshruggedmovie.eventbrite.com/
  12. My wife and I have our tickets for tomorrow at 7:00 at the Empire 25 near Times Square. We'll be attending with another couple and we can't wait to see the movie! John Link
  13. Although Letterman is a comic and his show is hardly an ideal forum for intellectual ideas, I thought Rand Paul handled himself well and was fortunate to have had Letterman's show as a platform to present his ideas. John Link
  14. Thank you for posting the link to the review. Now let's all share it on Facebook! John Link
  15. I decided that I wasn't willing to go to the theater with the risk of being turned away, so I didn't go to the screening. Maybe that was a mistake. I would have loved to have seen the movie Thursday night. John Link
  16. I just read the following in my Facebook newsfeed from https://www.facebook.com/AtlasShruggedMovie: So it seems that Atlas Shrugged is going to be shown in New York tomorrow. Does anyone know exactly where or when? John Link
  17. Does anyone know how to find out which theaters will show the film? John Link
  18. Very interesting! I think that's one of the absurdities I noticed when I saw the movie. John Link
  19. I agree about Gary Cooper, and yet I find the movie inspiring, despite all its flaws. John Link
  20. To help keep things in perspective, ask yourself if you've ever seen a movie made from a book you've already read that you thought was as good as the book. Below I've listed three movies I saw after I read the book (I'm sure there are others, but they don't immediately come to mind), along with my answer to the question whether the book was as good as the movie. I loved the books and am glad I saw the movies (in fact I plan to see them again!), but the movies were not as good as the book. The Fountainhead - NO Fantastic Voyage - NO We The Living - NO Please post your list of movies you've seen after you read the book along with your answers to the question whether the book was as good as the movie. John Link
  21. Here is a link to Sabin Howard's website: http://www.sabinhoward.com/ John Link
  22. Sabin Howard is exhibiting his bronze and plaster sculptures at Gallery 300, located on the southwest corner of 8th Avenue and 22nd Street in Manhattan. Below is a picture of his latest life-size works, Apollo and Aphrodite. I find it inspiring to be amongst his magnificent creations. John Link
  23. I agree. On the other hand what I heard from the actors and the director seemed consistent with the movie being done well. Furthermore I don't remember hearing anything in the dialog that suggests that the scriptwriter's ideas about evil have damaged the movie. Of course all our opinions about the quality of the movie are just guesses based on incomplete information. I'm looking forward to seeing Part I, with hopes that it will be fabulous. John Link
  24. I hope that everyone, including myself, who has concerns that Atlas Shrugged might not be as great a movie as we'd like it to be, will have their concerns dispelled on April 15th. John Link
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I86mD1HSYvg&feature=uploademail
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