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  1. Bookmarked. Especially interesting since I just finished the point in The Art of Rhetoric where Aristotle describes the nature of pleasure and pain.
  2. Pete Caya

    Marilyn Manson

    That's what I was going to say. Yes the song is immoral, but you have to realize that it's built with one purpose: shock value.
  3. I remember my Micro-Economics teacher telling us that he had heard someone say that "Technical advances don't create jobs, they destroy them." Your concern was voiced a lot during the beginning of the industrial revolution by a lot of people. The reason that these people losing their jobs is a good thing is that they can still seek employment in other areas (unless their skill is made completely obsolete, which I have not heard about) and the process that the advancement is made in becomes more efficient.
  4. I try to keep a book for leisure and a book that applies to my career/constructive interests. Currently I am rereading The Count of Monte Cristo and the second largest book in my collection: Security Analysis. It's a beast. I currently try to read about an hour and a half to two hours a day not including school work. The time I read on the weekend depends largely on how busy I am.
  5. I hate to say it, but is it really an amoral thing to have it. I mean, it's obvious that this fellow isn't doing it with Obama directly in mind (or didn't do it like that originally). I have to say though, a shudder does run up my spine whenever I think of the consequences of the bill.
  6. Ah, The Republic. One of the best books I have ever read. It's amazing how relevant a book that is more than two thousand years old is today.
  7. Progressive rock and metal have many bands that promote Objectivist themes, most notably Rush and Dream Theater. I always found Dream Theater's very first album amazing because of the lyrics and phrasin. That said, you can still tell the young musicians are still fleshing out their styles together as the composition can get muddy in places. Here are some samples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBvlz3Pl0-0 Other bands that express heroic themes are Kamelot, Edguy and Sabaton.
  8. Yeah, I don't really know what's behind it. I don't dress normally for someone at my school, but it definitely isn't anything that smacks of white supremacist. I just chalk it up to most people being incredibly irrational.
  9. I have been a victim of bullying, up until recent years. The summer after my Freshman year of high school I started body-building. About my senior year of high school I started keeping my hair really short. Today I am told that I resemble a skin-head. It intimidates a lot of people unintentionally, but anyone that really knows me knows that I am generally a friendly and amiable person. It's a nice little defense mechanism though, and I have had a good amount of fun with it.
  10. Look at some of the youtube videos of bullet-ball. His television appearance actually seems to have given him the help he needed to continue his dream.
  11. It brightened an already bright mood. I'm pretty sure I aced my accounting final this morning, and that is the one that is probably going to be the hardest. Now all I have to worry about is math and political science. Thanks for the help everyone, for those of you that have other exams, good luck!
  12. My room-mate has three other people in the room so sleep isn't likely. Yeah, i guess I'll try to do something I like for a while, but still am worrying so much about these finals, because I'm not where I want to be in these classes. I think I've been managing myself pretty well in these classes, but I have gotten irrational a few times. I just want this semester to be over so I can prepare for next semester.
  13. I am completely mentally drained after today, I went to the university library and spent about six or seven hours today studying accounting. My mind is completely wiped out, I feel so lethargic and I want to study for my math final on Thursday. Doe anyone have any advice for me on this?
  14. I try to keep a book related to my career, and a book related for leisure. My business book right now is "Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits" by Philip Fisher. My leisure book is The Count of Monte Cristo which is (with the Fountainhead of course) my favorite book.
  15. I think I would prefer her as a mentor too. I have never had a really strong mentor in my life, so I've had to rely on reading and thinking about how different character I admire would act in a similar situation. I would love to have a very strong person like Ayn Rand in my life as a mentor.
  16. I searched for this topic and was surprised not to find any threads made about the movie. It was released in 2005 and I was introduced to it by some friends on Monday. I absolutely loved it. V, the obvious draw for the film is a very interesting character. The only person I could think of when I saw his actions and morals was Ragnar Danneskjold in Atlas Shrugged. The only action of his that I did not agree with was his abduction of the main character (I apologize, I forgot her name). Anyway, has anyone else seen this movie? Any input?
  17. ^ I was actually about to post that. Edison even went to far as to electrocute an elephant to death with AC current to show how unsafe it was (video documented) House is a flawed character. The perfect Objectivist is about as rare as the perfect Christian. House has many admirable qualities, and he is one of my inspiration for living an Objectivist life, I genuinely enjoy the character, and if he were a real person I knew, I would admire the man. That said, he does have his tragic flaws. He does act selflessly at times.
  18. Well, yeah he is definitely as close to an objectivist as a pragmatist can be. He is objective with himself, but pragmatic with others. He often lies to patients in order to do get them to pick what he thinks is the right choice. For example, he convinced a patient in a walk in clinic that his cold was actually the mans lungs turning into rock. When it was commented on a minute later by Cutty, he point out that he did it so the patient would get health insurance. An complete objectivist would diagnose the patient, perhaps try to convince him that he needed health insurance, and go on his merry way.
  19. House is a pragmatist, but I really do enjoy his show and I genuinely do like the character. I am kind of wondering what others on this forum think of him though.
  20. Impressive, you are attacking a man's appearance because you hate his principals. Very second handed. I don't agree with a lot of what Warren Buffet does and says (he advocated the bail-out, then spent a huge amount on Goldman-Sachs), but nonetheless he is a brilliant man, and I would be happy to have a fraction of the financial intuition that he has. He isn't completely moral, no, but he is someone that I look up to.
  21. There's a big step between researching alternatives like I implied and actually leaving the country. Who said I was talking about men. I was talking about people. When people are taught to behave the way they do today, they cease to be men.
  22. And you think that will happen? The fact is that most people don't want to think about things, and it doesn't surprise me. One of my friends and I are looking at countries with more freedom to move to once we leave college so we can research immigrating there.
  23. The Count of Monte Cristo. This book never ceases to amaze me, Edmond Dantes has been a character I looked up to in many ways for years. He is flawed in that he does everything in a selfless fashion, but what he does and the genius of his ideas in the scope of the book is just amazing.
  24. Wow, that's really strange. I used to throw out of context things into my highschool essays just to weird out the teacher, do you think this might be the same thing?
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