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  1. Animals don't have rights. Only humans do.
  2. Sure he ain't perfect, but who cares. I don't demand perfection for my enteritainment. Any man who can be so hated by the left and pisses them off to such a extreme is fine by me.
  3. Fact is I'm fine with Rush. Most of the moderates I know in the GOP are anti-free trade not pro free trade so the hell with them. The lose of Colin Powell and others that he is describing doesn't bother me a bit. Powell is a extreme disappointment and changes his mind do to fear that he won't be invited to Georgetown cocktail parties anymore. Any man who can look at Obama and support him isn't worth a damn to me. The fact is Obama hates the Constitution, hates Capitalism, wants to make a larger slave class by making even more people dependent upon the government, and the only chance to stop
  4. I have a dirty little secret I LOVE Rush Limbaugh! I was wondering what the rest of you thought of him? The way he pisses off alot of the leftist around the world just makes me smile, and love this guy! What do the rest of you think of Maha Rushie?
  5. So no one else has anything to say on this matter?
  6. Thanks Grames! Although a lawyers argument isn't exactly what I had in mind. I don't like the idea that Capitalism is being killed by some South Korean intellectual though. Their has to be something false in his reasoning. Or outright wrong in his overall conclusions beyond post hoc, ergo prompter hoc.
  7. What is the best way to deal with this new Protectionism and the ideals of this idiot? I'm seeing more and more leftist grabbing onto his ideals and throwing them in my face. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business...ill-458396.html I have a six-year-old son. His name is Jin-Gyu. He lives off me, yet he is quite capable of making a living. After all, millions of children of his age already have jobs in poor countries. Jin-Gyu needs to be exposed to competition if he is to become a more productive person. Thinking about it, the more competition he is exposed to and the sooner this
  8. I disagree with the general idea that many of you are making. I don't see it as a "waste of time" to argue with morons like this especially on places like youtube where people are reading about our ideas perhaps for the first time. Regular people are reading your comments as well as the stupid socialist idiots. We aren't trying to change the minds of socialist where about getting our ideas to the people in multiple different ways. Let the morons responses show through and show how ideas or best. I'm so tired of hearing fellow capitalist say "its a waste of time to debate our ideas against peop
  9. Isn't it amazing that truth is now considered "propaganda"? Its usually called "right wing propaganda" now adays.
  10. For the record I am not a Behavioroligst (in fact the implications of the idea scares the crap out me lol) but they would respond that you can't prove that man has consciousness. As I have read in the past (and I'm paraphrasing not directly quoting) "The idea of the mind, the self, man's consciousness, free will, and certain aspects of "reasoning" or left overs from Mysticism. One can not show nor prove that a man has any of them. It cannot be recorded, or measured by any known scientific measure. Therefor the idea of the mind, is the same as the idea of the soul. And since you can not prove a
  11. Hello everyone and nice to meet you all. Although I myself am not a Objectivist I am very interested in the movements ideas. That said though I want this discussion to be the topic at hand and not about me. What is the Objectivist opinion of (and answers) to Behaviorology? For those who don't know what Behaviorology is it is also sometimes known as Scientific Psychology, Radical Behaviorism, and behavior analysis. It is field that is growing out of the ideas of B.F. Skinner and others. Plainly stated it is the adoption of a pure Natural Science perspective in the study of human beings and hum
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