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  1. Count me in. Neha PS just as a habbit I would like it if we made horde instead of alliance
  2. To all of the WOW players: We should have a LAN party Neha
  3. Haha, I kinda play wow as well. I was surprised to see how many wow players are here. I only play sometime due to a very busy schedule. All of you should make a character on Korgath horde. My characters are: hallow and browngirl(my boyfriend is mainly on it tho). Neha
  4. I have always had the 'different' kind of thinking process. Met my boyfriend who was like me, and met my best friend who was like me and had read Ayn Rand. Read Ayn Rand. Realized what I was missing from my life was a sense of, I guess, life. Decided to try it out. Trying it out I realized how hard it is, but at the same time how much easier and happier it makes me. Tried to look for something that negated anything said by Objetivism or Rand. So far, I have not found any contradictions. As a result, I am a happy objectivist. Well, i guess you could argue if there are any unhappy objectivists. Neha
  5. Hey guys just wanted to drop a line to intrioduce myself. I am a 24 yr old college student. I am studying Aerospace Engineering and Astronomy. I was introduced to Objectivism a couple of years ago by a good friend. I love to read and am reading the Fountainhead right now. I love the philosophy and talking about it. Sadly, I also work at a resturant where it is hard to find people who like to talk about philosophy, let alone objectivism. Anyway, look forward to chatting with all of you. Neha
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