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  1. Wrawr. You know sometimes when you click "View New Content" it shows you new updates on people's profiles rather than just new posts in the forum?...

  2. Huh. Ironic that you, of all people, are most active in the "Ethics" part of the forum.

  3. If your focus is writing and not directing, knowing the right people is likely going to be more important than how much time you spend training for and working in the industry. In other words, you can write a screenplay while you're earning a regular salary as an engineer. But, it is important if you do that, that you have an outlet to sell your work. You will need connections. I don't think it would be out of place to suggest you take a screenwriting course or two from your local university. There, you will establish if you really have the skill you think you do; and if the professor believes
  4. Nice! Someone once told me "be good" and I've kept it in my vocabulary ever since. To me, it means the same thing as "do your best," or "be good" but it's a bit more casual in my ears.
  5. What's the status of this book group concept? I'd like to participate if it's currently going on.
  6. The movie is not in theatres anymore, at least not around here, but I thought I'd throw my two cents in anyway. The movie was disappointing. The parts I liked: Maid Marion wasn't 12 or 20, she was a realistic age for the part. The prequel nature of the story. It was interesting to see the development of the Robin Hood character. The parts I didn't like: Historical inaccuracies were littered throughout. The major one that irked me - anyone other than royalty drinking out of a glass cup. It may be a minor detail, but it was irksome. Robin Hood is an archer, so why did they put him in
  7. Wow. It's amazing that anyone can justify this sort of bill. Please don't be complacent and assume that it will be crushed. Write to your Congressional Representation and let him or her know this is unacceptable.
  8. Thanks for posting this Hairnet. A lot of people, myself included sometimes, could benefit from these sort of preliminary questions.
  9. This doesn't answer the original question, but I found it interesting. I was a member of a site that, in exchange for membership, ads were removed. Then, they changed their structure, removed that option, and I was suddenly bombarded with ads. I complained, requested my money back. They said, money will be refunded and we recommend you use an ad-blocker. I thought it was hilarious that the company rep was suggesting I use an ad-blocker, thereby reducing their earning potential.
  10. Awesome story; thanks for sharing.
  11. strawberrybird


    A couple thoughts: I think you may be confusing the concept of instinct with the concept of knowledge. Humans have many instincts. There is the fight or flight response, the sucking reflex of infants, the capacity for language. These things are all "hard-wired" into the average human brain. However, they are not knowledge. Even the capacity for language, which involves the brain, is not knowledge. In any case, the fact that humans are not born with knowledge does not mean that they do not have differences which influence their abilities. Intelligence, while not knowledge itself, can infl
  12. She loves her husband, or so she says. Although the argument could potential be made that if she truly loved him, she wouldn't have had an affair. Nevertheless, this poses a side question. Can a woman love more than one man? What does love mean? I believe Rand wrote on this, but I can't recall what she said. Does this influence anything?
  13. I apologize in advance for the length of this post. A friend posed this scenario and asked my advice: A woman is married. Her husband, who she thought was rational when she married him, has acted irrationally and based many of his decisions solely on tradition. He routinely recognizes the value of her arguments and agrees that her logic is sound but still does not act on it. She is finding it difficult to relate to him, but she still loves him. She meets another man. This man is always there for her emotionally. Objectivism is new to him and he does not follow its precepts to the letter, bu
  14. A similar situation occurred not to long ago. http://morningsentinel.mainetoday.com/view...ns/5373007.html However, in this case, a woman stole a book from a library because she did not believe other patrons should have access to the book. She felt the book was inappropriate. Rather than following the complaint process that the library had in place, she checked out the book, and wrote a letter to the library stating that she had checked out the book, was not planning to return it, and sent them a check for the cost of the book. The library took her to court stating that she stole the book.
  15. I work in an office that relies on grant funding for the majority of its budget. My boss, who writes the grants, is currently working on a degree. During the grant writing process, all the office employees are pulled in to help with research, writing, editing, etc. We do research on particular topic and compose literature searches and research summaries, complete with citations and copies of articles. Frequently, my boss uses our research in the work for her degree, without crediting our contribution either as an office or individually, only rarely going back to the sources and studying them h
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