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  1. One can not, one must not, compromise on reason.

  2. I had been looking for an exemplar for Kipling's first line: If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.

    And then, a perfect one fell right in my lap!

  3. I wonder if I get freedom of speech on my own profile? Probably not.

    Not that I haven't encountered it before, but I really had hoped O.O. was run by people, some of whom loved reason.

  4. The quotations are a treat. I'd call them a potent glue, if I were a glue-sniffer.

    1. Sir Andrew

      Sir Andrew

      So you're a quote-sniffer, eh?

    2. Mindy


      Yes Sir, I particularly like quotes about thought and thinking.

  5. I imagine that there was something cut off. Something about "Ie, which seems to suggest that actually these properties are apparently not objective but dependent on the relative position / speed of the observer"..

  6. I'm inviting comments on when it is right to note errors and fallacies, in a discussion you are interested in, and when and why to overlook them.

  7. I'm celebrating having "come back" to this forum. By far the most civilized one of the 5 or so I've been on. Highest concentration of well-informed and well-spoken people.

  8. What are profile comments supposed to cover, anyway?

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